Tiff 2013: Asian Film Selections Trailers

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For fans of Asian cinema, this year’s Toronto International Film Festival has a great lineup of films from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and The Philippines, with some of the biggest directors including Hitoshi Matsumoto (Big Man Japan), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure), and Sion Sono (Suicide Club) just to name a few.

Below the jump you’ll find 10 trailers for some of the films being featured at the fest this year with their synopsis. 


A mild-mannered family man with a secret taste for S&M finds himself pursued by a gang of ruthless dominatrixes — each with a very special talent — in this hilarious and bizarre take on the sex comedy from Japanese comedy giant Hitoshi Matsumoto (Big Man Japan, Symbol).

The Fake

The sophomore feature from provocative South Korean animator Yeon Sangho (The King of Pigs) is a blistering critique of organized religion, set in a rural village where a manipulative church minister schemes to defraud his flock.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

A renegade film crew becomes embroiled with a yakuza clan feud in this wild, perverse and blood-soaked orgy of outrageousness from cult director Sion Sono (Suicide Club).


Acclaimed Taiwanese filmmaker Chung Mong-Hong (The Fourth Portrait) delivers a fascinating and chilling meditation on spiritual migration and reincarnation in this stylish psychological thriller, about a transient soul who develops an unsettling bond with the stranger who comes to inhabit his body.


In this caustic cultural satire, Philippine master and Festival veteran Brillante Mendoza (Thy Womb) sets his sights on the moral failings of the contemporary news media.

Rigor Mortis

A public-housing tenement is plunged into a dark storm of supernatural chaos, in this loving tribute to the cult classic Hong Kong horror-comedy series Mr. Vampire.

Cold Eyes

A high-tech police surveillance team attempts to take down a gang of ruthless bank robbers, in this sizzling South Korean action-thriller.

American Dreams in China

Shot by superstar cinematographer Christopher Doyle and dubbed “the Chinese Social Network”, this epic tale of business bravado follows three friends who launch a successful online English instruction school for Chinese students — and then face lawsuits over copyright infringement.

Like Father, Like Son

Two families — one rich, one poor — discover that their sons were switched at birth, in the poignant new drama from Japan’s Hirokazu Kore-Eda (Still Walking, Nobody Knows, After Life).


Master filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Tokyo Sonata) returns with this story of a man who uses an advanced neurological technology to enter the frightening mindscape of his comatose lover.

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