‘V/H/S’ Picked up by Magnolia- Side Effects Include Fainting, Vomiting

After a screening at the midnight showcase at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, V/H/S is the first horror movie picked up this year and will see a VOD and large theatrical release this October.  Apparently, the film made one viewer pass out during the screening, and made another vomit, two things that are considered accomplishments for a horror film.

This movie has been under my radar for a while now, mostly because it’s written and directed in segments, one of which is done by Ti West, one of my most watched new directors.  The film centers around a group of miscreants who are hired to break into a house to steal a rare VHS tape.  Upon entering the house they find it empty except for a body and a pile of tapes.  The pile of tapes make up the movie.

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