VOD Releases for the Week of November 4, 2013

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This week’s batch of pre-theatrical and day and date releases features a wide variety of films for your viewing pleasure, including the romantic comedy A Case of You, action film Paris Countdown,  thriller How I Live Now, and the drama The Motel Life.

Hit the break to check out the release date, trailer, and synopsis for each of this week’s releases.


A Case of You – November 6, 2013

dir. Kat Coiro
A young writer tries to impress a girl he meets online with an embellished profile, but he finds himself in a real mess when she falls for him and he has to keep up the act.

Paris Countdown – November 8, 2013

dir. Edgar Marie
Unable to repay their debts, Milan and Victor, best friends and co-owners of a Paris nightclub, are lured into a drug deal that goes bad. Tortured by police, they negotiate their freedom against an overwhelming testimony that condemns their psychotic liaison to prison. Six years later, the men’s nightmare begins again when the pyschopath is granted his freedom. Now, not having talked for years, the old friends are united again in order to survive. PARIS COUNTDOWN is the directorial debut from celebrated writer Edgar Marie and from the producers of “Point Blank” and “A Gang Story.”

How I Live Now – November 8, 2013

dir. Kevin Macdonald
An American girl on holiday in the English countryside with her family finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as war breaks out.

The Motel Life – November 8, 2013

dir. Alan Polsky and Gabe Polsky
A pair of working-class brothers flee their Reno Motel after getting involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.