VOD Releases for the Week of October 21, 2013

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We only have three notable pre-theatrical and day and date releases on video on demand this week, and two of them are several years old.  Sal, directed by James Franco, was originally screened at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, Our Day Will Come, a French film starring Vincent Cassel, originally came out in France back in 2010, and there’s also the punk rock film Losers Take All.

Hit the break to check out the trailer, release date, and synopsis for each of this week’s movies.

Sal – October 22, 2013

dir. James Franco
James Franco’s Sal chronicles the final hours of the life of actor Sal Mineo, one-time teen idol and star of the blockbuster films Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus.

Our Day Will Come – October 22, 2013

dir. Romain Gavras
The outcast red-haired teenager Rémy is bulled at school and lives with his estranged mother and sister in France. The also red-haired psychiatrist Patrick befriends Rémy and helps him to release his repressed hatred and sexuality. When Rémy sees a picture of red-haired people in Ireland, he forces Patrick to travel with him to his dreamland.

Losers Take All – October 25, 2013

dir. Alex Steyermark
Losers Take All is a comedy in which we follow “The Fingers,” a fictional punk-pop band stumbling and staggering their way in the opposite direction of mainstream success, circa 1986. Fingers are faced with the unlikely opportunity of committing the ultimate indie rock sin: selling out. Do they stay true to their non-commercial DIY sound and ethos? Do they get in bed with corporate rock? Or do they simply keep getting wasted and implode into oblivion?