DIRECTED by: Jose Muniain

A story about eviction in 140 seconds.

Five Questions with Director Michael Panduro

What was a unique challenge you faced in making this film?

#CAKE started with the challenge of using social media to gather ideas to make a film. The result is the creation of  #makescript , a twitter campaign where I asked audiences for ideas and inspiration to make a film. I wanted to explore how to involve audiences at the beginning of the creative process.

Where did the inspiration for this film come from?

I didn’t have an idea in mind when I started the process, it came a a result of the twitter campaign. I wanted to change my creative process for this film.


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What do you hope people take away from this film?

The social drama of eviction, this stories are all around us.

What’s your personal takeaway from this production?

As a filmmaker and storyteller I fancied the idea of creating relevant meaningful content in 140 seconds. #cake was developed on twitter  with the constrain of 140 characters, I wanted to bring this constrain to the production of the video.

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