DIRECTED by: Travis Wood

A short first person documentary about a man’s connection to Nostrand Ave.

Travis loves Nostrand Ave. and he wants you to know it.

Film Pulse editor Adam Patterson

Five Questions with Director Travis Wood

What was a unique challenge you faced in making this film? 

I entered this project without much a vision for the final product. It made crafting the piece as a whole challenging, just following intuition on what to shoot/write.

Where did the inspiration for this film come from? 

Crown heights is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn, that is currently getting gentrified, so I wanted to document its current state as it’s in transition.

Who are your top influences?  

I’ve recently become a big fan of Caveh Zahedi. His work is all about the truth, so with this project I was inspired a lot to find the humor in everyday truths. Also a Minneapolis filmmaker, Dan S., he does a lot of lo-fi projects. His work inspired the voice over in this piece.

What do you hope people take away from this film? 

I hope everyone gets a laugh out of the film but overall I’d like to start a conversation about gentrification.

What’s your personal takeaway from this production?  

Just shoot it. This project helped me a lot in just making one thing which has spiraled into making more things! 


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