Saved by the '90s: Baseball Movies 1
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Episode 40: Baseball Movies

This month we’re taking a look at four very different ’90s movies that celebrate America’s favorite pastime with reviews of A League of Their Own, Angels in the Outfield, The Fan, and For Love of the Game.


Saved by the '90s: Baseball Movies 2
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A League of Their Own

Release Date: July 1, 1992 Director: Penny Marshall
Time Code: 00:01:57

Saved by the '90s: Baseball Movies 3
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Angels in the Outfield

Release Date: July 15, 1994 Director: William Dear
Time Code: 00:16:51

The Fan
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The Fan

Release Date: August 16, 1996 Director: Tony Scott
Time Code: 00:31:14

Saved by the '90s: Baseball Movies 4
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For Love of the Game

Release Date: September 17, 1999 Director: Sam Raimi
Time Code: 00:48:10

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