VOD Release Calendar

Because a comprehensive list can be hard to find, we decided to compile a running calendar of upcoming pre-theatrical and day-and-date video on demand releases for upcoming films. Please help us make the most complete list possible by sending additions to admin@filmpulse.net.

april 2020

01apralldayHow To Fix a Drug Scandal (Netflix)


03apralldayExtra Ordinary (Kino Marquee)

03apralldayAlmost Love


03apralldayCoffee & Kareem (Netflix)

03apralldayThe Other Lamb

03apralldayRogue Warfare: The Hunt

03apralldayLazy Susan

03apralldaySlay the Dragon

03apralldayShooting Heroin

07apralldayImpact Event

07apralldayAgatha and The Truth of Murder

07apralldayThe Perished

07apralldayWhat You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire?

07apralldayA Kid From Coney Island

07apralldayClose Encounters of the Fifth Kind

07apralldayDead By Dawn

07apralldayAbout A Teacher (Amazon Prime)

07apralldayShe's Allergic to Cats


10apralldaySea Fever


10apralldayWe Summon The Darkness

10apralldayStray Dolls

10apralldayTigertail (Netflix)

10apralldayThe Main Event (Netflix)




14apralldayButt Boy

14apralldayRay and Liz


14apralldayThe Legend of Swee' Pea

14apralldayThe Sharks

17apralldayThe Quarry


17apralldayBad Therapy

17apralldayBehind You

17apralldaySelah and the Spades

17apralldayBeyond The Visible - Hilma af Klint (Virtual Theatrical)

17apralldaySergio (Netflix)

17apralldayRising High (Netflix)

17apralldayEarth and Blood (Netflix)

20apralldayWhy Don't You Just Die!

22apralldayThe Willoughbys (Netflix)

22apralldayCircus of Books (Netflix)


24apralldayExtraction (Netflix)

24apralldayTrue History of the Kelly Gang

24apralldayTo The Stars

24apralldayRobert The Bruce

28aprallday15 Years

28apralldayUntil The Birds Return

28apralldayThe Source of Shadows

28apralldayAutism: The Sequel (HBO)

30apralldayDangerous Lies (Netflix)

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