VOD Release Calendar

Because a comprehensive list can be hard to find, we decided to compile a running calendar of upcoming pre-theatrical and day-and-date video on demand releases for upcoming films. Please help us make the most complete list possible by sending additions to [email protected].

february 2019


01feballdayDriving While Black

01feballdaySt. Bernard Syndicate


01feballdayThen Came You

05feballdayThe Unicorn


05feballdayThe Golem

05feballday1 Billion Orgasms

05feballdayAnywhere With You

07feballdayHorror Noire: A History of Black Horror (Shudder)

07feballdaySong of Parkland (HBO)

08feballdayDarkness Visible

08feballdayThe Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot


08feballdaySt. Agatha

08feballdayThe Isle

08feballdayThe Amityville Murders

08feballdayBerlin, I love You

12feballdayBroken Ghost

12feballdayUnder the Eiffel Tower


15feballdayMega Time Squad

19feballdayThe Maestro

19feballdayBreaking Habits

22feballdayPaddleton (Netflix)

22feballdayParis Is Us (Netflix)

22feballdayThe Changeover

26feballdayAt The End of The Day

26feballdayBeach House


26feballdayBullitt County

26feballdayThe Unseen


26feballdayThird Eye Spies

28feballdayWrite When You Get To Work

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