Driven 7


Though the central stories of Nick Hamm’s Driven may not be fully fleshed out, the film still manages to give us a satisfying snapshot into the life of John DeLorean, with the help of great performances by Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace.

Alice-Sweet-Alice 9

ALICE, SWEET ALICE Arrow Blu-ray Review

With this robust amount of content – combined with the fantastic restoration, the Arrow Video release for Alice, Sweet Alice is absolutely top notch and one that I highly recommend picking up.

The Journalist_main 7.5

Japan Cuts 2019: THE JOURNALIST Review

With a narrative that feels uncomfortably ripped from the headlines, The Journalist reinforces the need for a critical and independent media through the tense lens of a bureaucratic thriller.

Divine Fury0003 5

Fantasia 2019: THE DIVINE FURY Review

The Divine Fury is an entertaining, yet slight action-horror film that, while containing a few thunderous moments, doesn’t quite stick the landing or embrace its great concept.

piranhas-publicity_still_2-h_2019 6.5


Claudio Giovannesi’s Piranhas is a sensitive portrayal of crime-family culture in Naples but suffers from a script struggling to make its characters as real as the violence.

Freaks 7

Fantasia 2019: FREAKS Review

This genre-bender is the type of movie best seen cold, with no knowledge of any plot details beforehand, in order to truly benefit from its wild thematic shifts.

Harpoon 7 6.5

Fantasia 2019: HARPOON Review

Harpoon is a surprisingly refreshing film; with its smart script and devilishly dark story, it’s far more substantive than what you might come to expect from a typical containment thriller.

Tone-Deaf 1 5

Fantasia 2019: TONE-DEAF Review

Tone-Deaf is still a fun little thriller featuring two strong leads in Crew and Patrick, but the lack of commitment of its primary components prevents this from being anything but a mediocre affair.

MNT_Corrected_Still_1 5


The Mountain is a tough watch, not just because of how exceedingly slow and boring it is, but also because there’s so much excellent filmmaking at play here that is hamstrung by the script.