2000maniacs01 7.5


All in all, with the included bonus film and fact that this is the most complete version of the film to date, this is an easy recommend despite the transfer not being of the highest quality.

0000_revenge_01 8


Aided by an ’80s-style, synth-heavy score, Revenge excels on nearly every technical level, and while the plot fits neatly into the rape-revenge subgenre, it easily puts all others to shame.

moonrise-1 8

MOONRISE Criterion Blu-ray Review

Based on the quality of the film and Criterion’s immaculate audio/visual exhibition, Moonrise is definitely recommended, I just wish there were more supplements to dive into.

angels-wear-white 7.5


Qu films with a purposefully unsettling calmness, serving as a gateway to the clear and present anger below.

Cargo_015.0 7.5

Tribeca 2018: CARGO Review

This film gets a strong recommend from me because, despite its rather predictable trajectory, there are enough new elements to keep the content fresh; the martyr theme is well earned; and its message of self-sacrifice is a lovely one.

rbg_1 8.5

RBG Review

Cohen and West take a non-linear approach to telling RBG’s life story, interspersing both old and new interviews and testimonies with file footage and home videos, and they punctuate major milestones in her life with benchmark cases and political movements.

sj_product_image_65_6_1601_7991 6.5

Tribeca 2018: SLUT IN A GOOD WAY Review

As the adolescent-teen-girl-coming-of-age trend sallies forth, the next entry in this ever-growing sub-genre is Sophie Lorain’s delightful black-and-white comedy Slut in a Good Way.

braid-tribeca 7.5

Tribeca 2018: BRAID Review

Bolstered by its kinetic cinematography and stellar production design, Mitzi Peirone’s surreal nightmare Braid is a crazy fever dream of deranged games and broken realities.


Midnight at Tribeca 2018

Zombies and surreal visions dominated this year’s Tribeca Film Festival midnight lineup, with five genre titles exploring sleep deprivation, the undead in the Outback and the forest, suicide tubs, and a strange and murderous game of doctor.

Although this year’s festival

The-Dark_Christopher-Katsarov_1 7

Tribeca 2018: THE DARK Review

The Dark is a disturbing, yet oddly touching, feature debut from Justin P. Lange, and while it comes dangerously close to becoming dull at a few spots, it never completely loses its connection with the audience and deftly delivers a tragic, hopeful story about the resilience of human beings and the healing power of the positive connections we have to one another.


Tribeca 2018: BLOWIN’ UP Review

The filmmakers have gained extraordinary access, no doubt through patient relationship building with the public servants they covered. It’s for that reason we’re given remarkable insight into this captivating world that we might otherwise not have been able to witness.

Ava 8.5

AVA Review

AVA is completely composed of these static, penetrating shots into space that give off the air of stringent rules and authority in all the ways Ava finds herself decentralized in these compositions.

Ansel_Elgort_Jonathan_movie.0 6.5

Tribeca 2018: JONATHAN Review

Jonathan and Jon have a unique living situation in that they’re brothers, roommates and share a name, yes, but they happen to also live in the same body.

new-web-poster 7.5

Tribeca 2018: GENERAL MAGIC Review

You may have never heard of the tech company General Magic, but you’re certainly familiar with the innovations that they sparked more than a decade before smartphones proliferated society.