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Adam Patterson | twitter

Editor in Chief, Critic
Host, Film Pulse Podcast

Adam Patterson has had an unhealthy obsession with film since early childhood, and he takes pride in his film snobbery. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where there was little more to do than watch movies, get drunk and impregnate girls, Patterson chose the former and dedicated entirely too much of his time to all things cinema.

His love for film and exposing people to new and interesting cinema caused him to create Film Pulse in 2012, and it has become his job, his hobby and his passion. Adam currently resides in New York City.

Kevin Rakestrawtwitter

Editor, Critic
Co-host, Film Pulse Podcast

Kevin Rakestraw grew up in the same small town in Pennsylvania with Adam Patterson. Both of their unhealthy obsessions with cinema lead them to routinely skip school on Tuesdays to rent new releases. When Tuesdays weren’t enough, they decided it was best to skip school on other various days of the week to ensure a healthy diet of film viewing.

His unwillingness to say “no” to his friends and against his better judgement, Kevin agreed to help Adam with Film Pulse. Although he has been and probably always will be a terrible writer, Kevin continues to provide reviews for the site, even though this action continuously causes him to have nervous breakdowns.

Ryan Holes | twitter

Co-host, Ryan Watches a Movie Podcast

Though Ryan may be confined to a wheelchair, it hasn’t stopped his tenacity or his insatiable lust to watch and review some of the worst films ever made. A true Renaissance man at heart, Ryan is forever continuing his quest to expose bad cinema for what it really is: a waste of time.

When Ryan isn’t recording the latest episode of “Ryan Watches a Movie,” his hobbies include being handicapped, long walks on the beach, falling out of his wheelchair and brooding for hours on end.

Ernie Trinidad | twitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Born and raised in South Jersey, Ernie’s love of movies started at an early age. His father contributed to his love of films by taking the family out to a movie almost every weekend. Film has always been in Ernie’s life, as many of the jobs he has held were in some way related to the industry. He has worked in local video stores and movie theaters watching and studying films where he could. He attended Rowan University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV/Film.

In 1998 he moved to Los Angeles and found himself in movie nirvana. Not long after arriving, he was unexpectedly bit by the acting bug and worked as an actor for several years, gaining a new perspective on the industry he loves. In addition to contributing to, he currently works as a manager at a quality assurance firm for DVD/Blu-ray in Burbank, Calif., and still takes the occasional acting gig. When not watching a movie, he likes watching his pro sports teams, playing games on the PS3 and watching some TV.

Mary Leslie

Senior Editor, Critic

Our fearless senior editor, Mary Leslie, holds a master’s in communications, a graduate certificate in editing and publishing and a bachelor’s in journalism, so she knows where to put all the commas.

Before becoming an entertainment reporter for a Gannett-owned newspaper, she wrote film news and reviews for The Spinnaker. Her freelance work includes The Florida Times-Union and Emerald Coast Magazine, to name a few. The Florida native is also an avid salsa dancer, so we give her all the dance movies to review (‘cuz we truly hate them). She currently resides in New York City.

Blake Cranetwitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Like most 10-year-olds growing up in a small Iowa town, Blake asked for an HBO subscription for his birthday in lieu of a bike or a sweet jean jacket. Best. Birthday. Ever. His love of cinema has only deepened in the years between Betamax and Blu-ray.

Blake studied film formally at the University of Iowa and received a bachelor’s in film studies and communications. He currently lives in Chicago and works as a freelance writer, web editor and professional film critic. The variety of multiplexes and art houses in the city satisfy any cinematic urge, but the flip side is suffering through baseball/basketball/football seasons with his beloved Cubs/Bulls/Bears. Blake’s personal website is

Ken Bakely |  twitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Ken has been writing film criticism since 2012. Previously having only a passing interest in movies, taking up the hobby and joining the cinephile community has allowed him to gain a continually greater appreciation the art form. It’s also introduced him to some pretty awesome people in the process. Most of his work can be seen on his personal blog, He briefly wrote for the online magazine On This Day in Film, until the site’s unfortunate demise in 2016, the same year he joined Film Pulse.

Offline, Ken is a student living in the greater Philadelphia area, and his other interests include music, books, politics, history, and (very) occasionally sports. He’s also one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind public speaking.

Mynt Marsellustwitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Film is a non-negotiable part of Mynt’s identity. From a hellish suburb in south Ontario, Mynt is one of those people that will cancel plans to stay home with a bag of popcorn and whatever form of cinema is available. Going away to school meant doing a bachelor’s degree in film studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, and Mynt is now pursuing a master’s degree in the same at the University of Toronto.

Mynt previously wrote for Popoptiq and campus publications and continues to be a terribly inconsistent personal blogger. Outside of film Mynt also writes about politics, faith and spirituality and is obsessed with board games and table top RPGs.

Chris Luciantoniotwitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Nerdish slacker turned DIY Film Scholar, Chris became unhealthily obsessed with film at the tender age of fourteen and it has all been seemingly downhill from there. Raised in Southern Ontario with big, unrealistic dreams of being a writer, Chris somehow found the motivation to get his bachelor’s in film studies and english at Wilfrid Laurier University. While serving his time there, he also got his taste of being published which pretty much cemented his career trajectory for better or worse (it’s also where he first meant Mynt whom he owes a lot to).

In addition to film nerding all over the place, Chris has also previously written about social media, politics and culture. He has a tendency to be overly kind to films of a weird, Japanese persuasion and hopes to turn that fondness into thesis work for his Master’s degree…whenever he finds the motivation to do that.

Emily Bartontwitter

Contributing Writer, Critic

Emily Barton is an MA student at the University of Toronto in Cinema Studies. Her favorite films are boring, slow and melancholy with bonus point if they’re also queer.