We sat down with independent filmmaker Zach Fleming to discuss his latest short, Staycation (available to stream). We also go a bit deeper, further discussing his other works, the supernatural, and some of his film's themes.


STREAMING: Christopher Jason Bell’s left + Q & A

Back towards the end of June, I covered Christopher Jason Bell's left for my For Future Reference feature and, now, I am happy to announce the online premiere of that film right here at Film Pulse. The film is available for free and streaming at the bottom of the page. I also had the chance to conduct an interview with Bell about the making of his film and his thoughts on online self-distribution.


In Conversation with Theodore Collatos

A while back I covered Dipso, directed by Theodore Collatos, as a part of my Unsung Indies feature and, just yesterday, his newest feature - Tormenting the Hen - was spotlighted as our Kickstart Sunday pick for this week. I recently had the chance to partake in a bit of discussion with Collatos about his newest film, working with his longtime collaborator Matt Shaw and more.


In Conversation with HER WILDERNESS’s Frank Mosley

Actor/producer/writer/director/editor/[insert any other film production job title here] Frank Mosley has had a hand in number of films over the past couple of years in the American Independent scene, appearing in Upstream Color, Sabbatical, Some Beasts and Collective: Unconscious, just to name a few. His latest feature, Her Wilderness (which appeared on my Best Undistributed of 2015 list), has been released on Fandor; along with his debut, Hold, and his 2013 short film, Two Story, which he wrote with Lee Luna.


In Conversation with SABBATICAL’s Brandon Colvin

No other film has stuck with me, from this year, more so Brandon Colvin’s Sabbatical. I still find myself drifting off into the ether of my thoughts, reevaluating and dissecting the muted occurrences (as well as the circumstances of said occurrences) of Colvin’s film. I’ve talked about it extensively on various podcasts and even wrote about it for the site, but I was finally able to discuss the film with the man himself.


In Conversation with THE WINDS THAT SCATTER’s Christopher Jason Bell

We’ve covered a number of micro-budget Indie films from this year and one that I was lucky enough to catch was Christopher Jason Bell’s feature debut, The Winds That Scatter, during an exclusive 24-hour presentation of the film over at The Playlist back in mid-September. The film won the Best International No Budget Film Award at the Korea International Expat Film Festival and has been screening in various cities since. And, due to the arbitrary nature of the parameters of my year-end list, this won’t be the last time we mention Bell’s debut from this year.


Interview: Director Alison Bagnall Talks FUNNY BUNNY

Film Pulse writer Ernie Trinidad caught up with writer-director Alison Bagnall at this year’s AFI Fest to talk about her latest film, Funny Bunny, which is screening as part of their American Independents program. The film stars Olly Alexander, Joslyn Jensen, and


Interview: Director William Dickerson Talks DON’T LOOK BACK

We had the opportunity to have director William Dickerson back on the podcast to speak about his latest film, Don't Look Back, which is currently available on VOD platforms and airing on the Lifetime network. In addition to speaking about the film itself, we spoke to William about the differences between being your own boss creating an indie, and working as a hired gun for a company, as well as making a movie with a TV friendly version in mind.


Interview: Director James Ward Byrkit Talks COHERENCE

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with writer/director James Ward Byrkit about his new science fiction thriller Coherence, which is currently playing in select cities.  In the interview, Byrkit talks about what goes in to crafting such a complex, cerebral