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Mike Birbiglia’s sophomore feature, Don’t Think Twice, chronicles the lives of six friends in New York City who spend their nights as the resident cast members of an improv comedy troupe called The Commune.

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Japan Cuts 2016: BEING GOOD Review

Seemingly taking place in what must be the most emotionally damaged neighborhood in at least a hundred miles of its setting, Mipo Oh’s Being Good is a multi-character study that takes an ensemble-style, “everything is connected” approach. This kind of story can go one way or the other – on one hand, this can set up massive third-act payoffs and large, rippling messages, but on the other, cohesion and story development can often be stunted in the process.

BLAIR WITCH Sequel Gets a New Trailer

Lionsgate’s upcoming Blair Witch sequel (or maybe reboot?) has received its first trailer, which sees a group of college kids investigating the disappearance of the sister of one of the students who may have been looking into the legend of the Blair

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Bingham Bryant and Kyle Molzan’s enigmatic debut, For The Plasma, seemingly about everything and nothing all at the same time rests at the intersection of cerebral over-complication and tongue-in-cheek, lo-fi jaunt, all on a nearly non-existent indie budget. The film’s playful avoidance of categorization or its incessant need to avoid any normal, discernible narrative path will surely have viewers, either, reveling in the ambiguity of it all or steadily growing ever more exasperated by its opaque nature.

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Lights Out may be a bit lacking in scary story inventiveness, but it compensates with pace and performances. Expanded from director David F. Sandberg’s own short, the movie is lean and efficient, running 81 minutes (including credits). Lulls are minimal as Sandberg and screenwriter Eric Heisserer focus on the suspense and provide just enough information to keep our bearings in the supernatural narrative. The shocks are well-crafted and the cast does a great job of selling the interpersonal drama, making it feel more genuine than many familiar family-in-crisis horror staples.

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Michael DiBiasio’s The Videoblogs is a difficult to watch; not because it lacks the technical proficiency needed but because it deals directly with the subject of mental health and when I say directly, I mean head-on, face-to-face directly. It is because of this approach, this intimately direct approach, that the film can be somewhat uncomfortable at times as you might get the feeling that you are privy to what should be private moments.

Matt Johnson’s OPERATION AVALANCHE Trailer

One of my most anticipated films this year is Matt Johnson‘s (The Dirties) latest, Operation Avalanche, which tells the story of a couple of CIA agents who infiltrate NASA in the guise of documentary filmmakers to uncover the secrets behind the moon


Legendary to Produce Live Action Pokemon Film

With Pokemon Go being all the rage with seemingly every human on the planet right now, it seems only fitting that Hollywood would be quickly moving forward with a Pokemon movie while this momentum is at a fever pitch. According to


Before I lived in NYC, every time, and I mean every single time, I would visit I simply had to spend some time and quarters in Chinatown Fair, the most hardcore badass arcade in the city. It pained me to discover the

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10 out of 10: 0.5MM

A miscellany of genres presented with a potpourri of visual stylings, Momoko Andô’s 0.5mm emulsifies screwball comedy and affecting drama into one epic emotional traversing across generational divides. Entrance into the lives of these pensioners is reluctantly granted through stereotypes and book-cover judgments then coaxed via blackmail into living arraignments that, in turn, give way to complex character portraits of lonely men in the diminuendo of life, cast aside from society and left to wilt away in their homes.

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Ti West’s IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE Gets a Trailer

As a huge fan of Ti West‘s films (specifically The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers) I’m beyond excited about his next film, a Western titled In a Valley of Violence, which just got its first trailer today. The film stars Ethan


Paramount has released the first teaser trailer for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, which sees the return of Vin Diesel as, who I would assume, is Xander Cage from the original xXx film. Having not seen either of the other xXx