Ben Younger’s BLEED FOR THIS Trailer Starring Miles Teller

A new trailer has been released for Ben Younger‘s upcoming boxing biopic Bleed for This, starring Miles Teller as Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza. The film also stars Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal, Ted Levine, Ciarán Hinds, Jordan Gelber, and Amanda Clayton.

Open Road Films will

Microbe&Gasoline_FINAL-630 7


Considering Gondry’s reputation, born out of these inclinations and affinities, a certain expectation might exist when going into a film titled, Microbe & Gasoline; a film centering around two adolescent males and their budding friendship that leads the two of them to construct a homemade gardening shed/go-kart hybrid vehicle to gain independence, spending the summer gallivanting around France in search of adventure.

Clint Eastwood’s SULLY Trailer Starring Tom Hanks

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming film Sully, which tells the true story of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger who crash landed a plane on the Hudson River after losing an engine, saving all the passengers aboard. Tom Hanks


Podcast: Episode 218 – Fandependent Spring 2016 Film Festival

This week on the podcast, Adam and Kevin review the top four films featured in the Spring 2016 edition of The Fandependent Film Festival with The Circus Animals, The Burden of My Company, Some Guy Who Kills People, and Two Fingers, The Windy City Wonder. Other films discussed include They Look Like People, Breaking a Monster, Man vs. Snake, The Fundamentals of Caring, and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

TCAPoster 6


The passion behind Nicholas Bateman’s feature-length debut, The Circus Animals, is certainly evident throughout; one could go insofar as labelling the passion palpable or tangible, in a way, since it saturates every character interaction within every scene. It’s a film that admittedly wears its heart on its proverbial sleeve as every opportunity to thrust the emotion to the forefront is met with an eagerness that is situated as one of the film’s main strengths and, ultimately, its weakness all at once.

Luke Scott’s Sci-Fi Thriller MORGAN Gets a New Trailer

20th Century Fox has released a new theatrical trailer for Luke Scott’s feature directorial debut, Morgan, which revolves around a corporate troubleshooter played by Kate Mara heading to a remote research facility to investigate an incident involving a dangerous experiment taking place

nuts 8

NUTS! Review

In 1917, a doctor by the name of John Romulus Brinkley performed an experimental surgery transplanting goat testicles into an impotent man in order to cure him of his ailment. To the man’s surprise, nine months later he was a father, and word quickly spread of J. R. Brinkley’s miracle scrotal surgery, bringing him fame and fortune.

Breaking-a-Monster-Poster 6


Typically, a rock documentary serves as a memoir for bands or artists who have already been established in the industry and achieved enough fame and/or adoration to warrant a film made about them. In the case of Luke Meyer’s film Breaking a Monster, however, we get an inside look at the first breakout year for a heavy metal band, Unlocking The Truth, comprised of three 13-year-old African American kids from Brooklyn.

independence_day_resurgence 3


Though it depicts an extinction level event, Independence Day: Resurgence feels completely inconsequential. Many things are bigger (the spaceship and the aliens, for example) than the 1996 original film, and everything is stupider. The budget is at blockbuster level, but many of the filmmaking decisions are on par with a Syfy Channel movie. I was waiting for the 3,000-mile in diameter alien craft to suck up a snarknado in its gravitational pull as it docks atop the Atlantic Ocean. (ALL of the Atlantic Ocean, we’re told).

man-vs-snake-the-long-and-twisted-tale-of-nibbler-movie-poster1 5.5


Remember that game that came on those old Nokia phones where you navigated a snake around the screen and every time you ate a pellet you grew longer? That game was based on the hit ’80s arcade game Nibblernot the most popular machine back in the day, but one that grew a following due to its steep difficulty and 9-digit score counter.


Paramount has released a new full length trailer for the upcoming action flick Jack Reacher: Never Go Back starring Tom Cruise reprising his role as the titular badass, this time trying to uncover who is framing the new head of his former