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There’s something for every brand of Coen brothers fan in Hail, Caesar! Whether you prefer the zany kidnapping antics in Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski, the Hollywood-centric satire of Barton Fink, or the religious themes of A Serious Man, it’s all here. If, like me, you’ve enjoyed nearly every Coen creation, Hail, Caesar! will be a real hoot from beginning to end.

You Wont Miss Me 9.5


When it comes to the soul set out on display in Ry Russo-Young’s You Won’t Miss Me, the subject of ownership remains indistinguishable; working from a screenplay, co-written with lead actress Stella Schnabel, which appears to contain a number of illustrations of unmitigated truth interspersed with dramatizations of breaking into the acting business. Whether these naked portrayals free from pretense stem from Schnabel’s personal life (perhaps, playing a version of herself) or Russo-Young’s (or they may even be an assemblage of collected experiences) is irrelevant since both present the character of Shelly with such conviction and consideration they render her life experiences an unquestionable actuality.

Benjamin Dickinson’s CREATIVE CONTROL Gets a New Trailer

I caught Benjamin Dickinson‘s upcoming science fiction comedy Creative Control at last year’s SXSW and liked it quite a bit so I’m happy to see Amazon Studios and Magnolia releasing the film in theaters March 11th. Magnolia released a new trailer for the

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SXSW 2016: Feature Film Lineup Announced

This year’s SXSW Festival in Austin is just around the corner and today the entire feature film lineup has been announced with an unsurprisingly ridiculous number of great sounding titles. After briefly going through the list some highlights include Richard Linklater‘s

Jeremy Saulnier’s GREEN ROOM Trailer and Poster

A24 has released a new poster and trailer for Jeremy Saulnier‘s (Blue Ruin) Green Room, which revolves around a punk band being hunted by a group of neo-Nazis after witnessing them perpetuating a horrific crime. The film stars Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots,


Sundance 2016: Award Winners Announced

With this year’s Sundance Film Festival winding to a close, it’s time to find out who the big winners were out of Park City. Among the winners are Nate Parker‘s The Birth of a Nation winning both the U.S. Grand Jury Prize:

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Slamdance 2016: EMBERS Review

The notion of a dystopian future is nothing new in cinema; its existence has been around for quite some time given that concept lends itself well as a fertile playground for both writers and directors in the realms of creativity with a vast expanse of narrative canvas brimming with potential, ample space equipped to house an abundance of imaginative furnishings as artistic latitude is awarded amongst the various departments. Anything and everything is available for construct with the ability of restructuring and/or inventing new operational outlines for a yet-to-be determined world.


The CABIN FEVER Remake Gets A New Trailer

This week in unnecessary remake news, the upcoming remake of Eli Roth‘s Cabin Fever received a new trailer, and it looks every bit as gory an pointless as you probably thought it would. While I enjoyed, but wasn’t in love

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Slamdance 2016: EXCURSIONS Review

Excursions is excruciating. Ostensibly about two couples congregating at a cabin in the woods to reach some sort of enlightened state of being by way of meditation and other unexplained hokum, the trip is certainly long (even at only 80 minutes) and strange, it’s just missing a point. A dialogue-free, uneventful opening ten minutes sets the stage for the pretension of a grating, eye-glazing existential crisis of a film. Whether we’re supposed to pity these poor folks, take them seriously, or laugh at them is completely immaterial because we’re never made to care at all.