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Shawn Levy to Direct UNCHARTED Adaptation

In the latest bit of news from the on again off again production of Sony’s adaptation of Uncharted, it seems that a director has been brought on board with Shawn Levy set to take the helm. Levy most recently worked on Stranger

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FEAR, INC. Review

Reading the synopsis of Vincent Masciale’s feature debut, Fear, Inc., it sounded like a horror-themed version of David Fincher’s The Game, a film I’m a huge fan of, so my interest was instantly piqued. While it does indeed draw heavily from Fincher’s film and it in no way eclipses it, Masciale seemingly knew this going into it and instead of attempting to sneakily bite off Fincher, he revels in this emulation, creating a surprisingly funny, albeit flawed, horror-comedy.

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An expired visa begets an uncertain future in Iva Gocheva’s Sunday, an exploration of the principles that constitute ‘home’ for our Bulgarian visitor, Eleonora Ivanova. What makes it so and why? Probing questions asked in interview, the recorded audio of which is detached from the visual aspect of the event, transposed to the activities of the interviewee basking in the possibly dying days of American residence.

Satanis, The Devil's Mass

American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) Announces First Wave of Films

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) and Something Weird have joined forces to remaster and re-release some of American cinema’s hidden genre gems beginning next Summer.

Today, the first batch of films has been revealed, which

The LOGAN Trailer is Here and It’s Pretty Incredible

20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman‘s final performance as Wolverine. The film takes place in the distant future with Logan being tasked with protecting a mutant girl, who I’m assuming is X-23, a clone-daughter of Logan himself.

Carles Torrens’ Horror Film PET Gets a Trailer

Orion Pictures has released the trailer for Carles Torrens‘ upcoming horror film PET, in which Dominic Monaghan kidnaps a girl he’s obsessed with, played by Ksenia Solo, but quickly realizes he’s getting more than he bargained for. It definitely has a Hard Candy vibe, and


DOC NYC 2016 Announces Full Lineup

The massive lineup for this year’s Doc NYC documentary film festival has been announced, which boasts 250 films including 18 world premieres and 19 U.S. premieres. The festival is set to run in New York beginning November 10th and running through the

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Nothing like the dynamics of a dysfunctional family to provide for a plethora of opportunities regarding drama and/or comedy (or, more so, some combination of the two that usually runs in the vein of dark humor) in cinema; a familiar setting, due to its universality and its possibilities, and also the topic of writer/director Zach Clark’s Little Sister (co-written with frequent collaborator, Melodie Sisk), which provides itself plenty of chances to plumb the depths of familial dysfunction for drama and the personality quirks for comedy. However, the inclusion of an in-training nun as the protagonist skewers that familiarity and the expectations that come along with it.