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Tribeca 2015: APPLESAUCE Review

That’s a question you might ask yourself early on while watching Applesauce, the latest from writer/director Onur Tukel as it serves as the jumping off point for his tried and true brand of acerbic comedy. And, if you’re familiar with Tukel’s propensity to play rather unlikeable, yet somehow appealing, characters you might ask yourself “how in the world is Tukel playing a high school teacher?” Furthermore, what class demands him to teach these kids about empathy?

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Tribeca 2015: TOTO AND HIS SISTERS Review

Romanian documentary Toto and His Sisters (Toto si surorile lui) is a great example of how fact can be far more captivating than fiction.

Writer/director Alexander Nanau takes an unflinching look on the lives of three siblings – Ana-Maria (17), Andreea Violeta (14) and Toto (10) – who must take care of themselves and each other amid an abysmal, poverty-stricken, drug-riddled environment. With absent fathers and an imprisoned mother, the trio must find ways to feed and clothe themselves, get an education and avoid becoming pulled into the treacherous grip of heroin addiction, continuously looming over them.

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Tribeca 2015: MAGGIE review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Terrence Malick directed a lo-fi zombie movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, wonder no more because Henry Hobson’s debut, Maggie, infuses much more Malick than Romero in this unique, but flawed, take on the zombie apocalypse.

Rather than yet another survival story featuring hordes of undead, Maggie takes a more intimate, emotional approach, by focusing the story on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character of Wade taking care of his daughter, Maggie, played by Abigail Breslin, as she slowly turns into an undead flesh-hungry creature.


Sci-fi Horror Film INFINI Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi horror film Infini, directed by Shane Abbess and starring starring Daniel MacPherson, Luke Hemsworth, Grace Huang, Bren Foster, Luke Ford, and Dwaine Stevenson. The film involves a crew of soldiers sent to rescue the


M. Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT Trailer

Here’s the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan‘s upcoming horror film The Visit, in which two siblings go for a visit with their grandparents only to have some strange and horrific things start to happen. It’s found footage (what a twist!) so I’m


Tribeca 2015: Award Winners Announced

The full list of award winners from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival have been announced, Dagur Kári‘s Virgin Mountain winning Best Narrative Feature, and Camilla Nielsson‘s Democrats winning Best Documentary Feature. Virgin Mountain additionally won Best Screenplay and Best Actor for Gunnar

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Tribeca 2015: EMELIE Review

I feel like recently we’ve been entering somewhat of a renaissance in indie horror, with new and unique films popping up all over the place that defiantly rebel against the formulaic banality to which the genre so often falls victim. Michael Thelin’s feature debut, Emelie, is a film that fits the bill, delivering a tense, unnerving thriller that takes a fresh look at the babysitter horror story.


Podcast: Ryan Watches a Movie 161 – HICK

This week, in honor of The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively hitting theaters, we make Ryan watch another Blake Lively film with Hick. Adam's recorder picked the wrong mic, so apologies for the poor audio on his channel.

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Tribeca 2015: KING JACK Review

Ah, another film festival and another coming-of-age story set in a decaying rural community. Even as a fan of the coming-of-age tale, I was just about to wash my hands of movies like this, but then King Jack went and won me over with its strong visuals and a breakout performance from Charlie Plummer.