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LIFE Review

Sci-fi thriller Life halfheartedly goes through the motions of a monster in space movie, failing to raise any intriguing existential questions or validate the gory mayhem. A bunch of really smart people float around and do really stupid things, each of them speaking fluent exposition and sporting the thinnest of character traits. Their Martian antagonist is even less interesting.

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BOKEH Review

We’ve all wondered, at least for a moment, what we would do if we were the only person on Earth. Would we explore the remains of society, hole up in shelter or simply bask in the planet’s daunting silence? It’s a fun question and one that writer-director duo Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan examine in Bokeh. For Riley (Matt O’Leary) and Jenai (Maika Monroe), a young American couple vacationing in Iceland, this query of what to do if the human race vanished isn’t hypothetical. One morning, they wake up and discover that it has become their reality.

Larry Cohen Doc KING COHEN Gets A Trailer

Oh boy do I love the films of Larry Cohen. The Stuff remains one of my all-time favorite horror films, but his entire filmography is priceless, so it’s definitely good news to hear that a feature-length documentary about the man is in

New Posters Unveiled for JUSTICE LEAGUE; Trailer is Teased

Warner Bros. has released two new posters for Justice League ahead of this weekend’s trailer premiere. The first features the Justice League logo with a call for the team to “Unite.” The second features Aquaman (Jason Momoa) standing tall and giving us


ALIEN: COVENANT Gets a Hellish New Poster

20th Century Fox released a new poster for Alien: Covenant, which looks like a cross between an H.R. Giger painting and Dante’s Inferno. Seriously, the marketing machine for this film is getting a little out of control, but I’m loving

Netflix’s DEATH NOTE Gets a Teaser

Netflix has released a teaser for Death Note, their original film based on the Japanese manga of the same name. The story follows a high school student who comes into possession of a supernatural notebook. If he inscribes someone’s name in the

Horror Flick WISH UPON Gets a New Trailer

Broad Green Pictures has released a new trailer for the upcoming horror film Wish Upon, which involves a teenage girl receiving a mysterious box with the ability to grant wishes. Of course these wishes are all taken literally a la Wishmaster or

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Set in a sleepy rural town in the 1970s, Hunter Adams’ supernatural thriller Dig Two Graves aims to tell a tale of a violent act perpetrated in the past that comes back to haunt all the families involved.

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I am usually not a fan of music documentaries; they often feel self-infatuated, and having worked as a music columnist, I am a bit fatigued by them. Yet I Called Him Morgan is a refreshing, absolutely fascinating doc about the life and death of jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan, told by those musicians who played alongside him, as well as - amazingly - by his own murderess.