Luke Scott’s Horror Flick MORGAN Gets a Teaser Trailer

The Ridley Scott-produced horror thriller Morgan received a teaser trailer today, which hides just enough from viewers to get them intrigued as to just what this movie is all about. Unfortunately, I’m sure a full theatrical trailer will be released shortly that


Podcast: Episode 215 – THE NICE GUYS

This week on the show, Adam and Kevin review Shane Black's latest, The Nice Guys, and talk about some other films including The Damned, Vagabond, Holy Hell, Nostalghia, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Love Witch.

Finest 6


One of the most fascinating Coast Guard rescues in history is told through the eyes of director Craig Gillespie in the Disney film The Finest Hours, now available on Blu-ray/Digital HD. Starring Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana and Ben Foster, the movie centers around two men who helped to save the lives of 30+ men in an amazing story of resourcefulness, sacrifice and hope.

Mike Birbiglia’s DON’T THINK TWICE Trailer

The Film Arcade has released a new trailer for Mike Birbiglia‘s upcoming comedy Don’t Think Twice, which revolves around an improv troupe who come to a crossroads as their venue closes its doors and one of the members gets cast in a

TheNiceGuys 8


The Nice Guys is a supremely entertaining romp. Its middle gets just a tad saggy under the weight of plot, but the sharp writing and directing, coupled with two dynamic lead performances, make the somewhat protracted two hour run time a pleasurable ride. A silly, pulpy mix of Raymond Chandler and buddy cop movie, the play on L.A. noir doesn’t skimp on the sleaze, the violence, or the prickly wit, which makes for a fun, off-kilter concoction.

Almost-Holy-poster-620x918 8


There are few people in this world who could be classified as true heroes – those who selflessly help others in need without asking for anything in return, many times at the detriment to their own wellbeing. Gennadiy Mokhnenko, the subject of director Steve Hooper’s latest documentary, Almost Holy (formerly titled Crocodile Gennadiy), seems to handily fit that bill. Spanning over a decade, the film looks at Mokhnenko’s work as a pastor and the founder of the Pilgrim Republic rehabilitation center, protecting the youth of Ukraine from addiction and the streets.

Damned-doc 4


Many people know bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash kicked off punk rock in the late ’70s, but only those truly familiar with the genre are familiar with The Damned, a band equally as influential but consistently overlooked. In director Wes Orshoski’s new documentary, The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead, the spotlight finally gets shined on this band that’s still performing shows nearly 40 years later.

Steven Caple Jr.’s THE LAND Gets a Trailer and Poster

IFC has released the trailer and poster for Steven Caple Jr.‘s upcoming drama The Land, which revolves around four skaters growing up in Cleveland who find a bag full of drugs after robbing a local dealer. The film stars Erykah Badu, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jorge