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I must say I was underwhelmed by the latest chapter in The Hunger Games film saga, Mockingjay Part 1, which catches back up with Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) after a major event occurs in the narrative's last installment, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

A fan of the books, I eagerly awaited the all three movie versions and was flush with joy and relief upon seeing the visual treatment of the film adaptations for books one and two. Whereas my mind’s eye could imagine only so much of the eerie juxtaposition between the subjugated districts and the ruthless Capitol, the films stepped in (and stepped up) to satisfy. Seeing the bleak conditions of Katniss’ coal-covered world of District 12 next to the Capitol’s over-the-top, opulent monuments filled with its apathy-ridden, ridiculously dressed residents was just what this reader needed.


Lucasfilm’s STRANGE MAGIC Trailer

The debut trailer for Strange Magic has been released, which is based on a story by George Lucas. Oddly, the film comes out January 23rd, and this is the first anyone’s even heard of this project. Unfortunately, this trailer isn’t doing it

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Late Phases shows its cards early, establishing a sketch of a main character and the monster he’s pitted against. The setup shows promise with a no-nonsense, bloodthirsty, practical effects werewolf stalking a retirement community, but instead of using the unique setting for metaphor and/or mayhem, the film grinds in its transitions between tame terror and flaccid drama. The man-in-suit is amusing for all the wrong reasons, while the dime-store theater is stretched well beyond its depths. It all makes for an experience that taxes one’s patience instead of their nerves. There’s little that elicits a reaction other than boredom, save a few unintentionally laughable dialogue selections and perplexing story choices.

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In theory, a story about a man who is trying not to poop for a week doesn’t sound like enough material for a feature length film. Fortunately, Angus Sampson’s The Mule proves that theory wrong by presenting a funny and incredibly gripping crime story. Sampson and co-writer Leigh Whannell  (who also star in this film), have been firmly planted within the horror genre, however this release proves they can easily transition to any other type of film with ease.



The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has been released, which features the gang from the first film heading to the acapella world championships. The film marks Elizabeth Banks‘ feature directorial debut, and stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany SnowSkylar AstinHailee SteinfeldAnna CampKatey Segal

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Disney’s Live-Action CINDERELLA Gets a Trailer

The first trailer for Disney’s live-action Cinderella has been released, which stars Lily James in the titular role, along with Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother and Cate Blanchett  as the wicked stepmother.

Cinderella is directed by Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Jack Ryan: Shadow

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HOUSEBOUND Blu-ray Review

Historically, horror comedies have always been something of a mixed bag. It’s a tough endeavor to juggle the scary bits with the humorous bits, and while some have completely nailed it, others have crashed and burned. Fortunately, Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound falls into the former category, delivering a spooky, inventive horror film that doesn’t sacrifice story for ham-fisted comedy.


THE PEANUTS MOVIE Gets a New Trailer

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for The Peanuts Movie, which brings Charlie Brown and company into the 21st century with a brand new CG animated adventure. Normally, I would scoff that this whole thing, but I’m really into the


INHERENT VICE Trailer Cut by Paul Thomas Anderson

To promote an upcoming UK screening of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent Vice, a new trailer has been released, which is apparently cut by Anderson himself. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen WilsonKatherine WaterstonReese WitherspoonBenicio Del ToroMartin ShortJena Malone, and Joanna Newsom.