The 30-second Super Bowl spot for Terminator Genisys has been released online, and features a bit of new footage for the upcoming sequel/reboot/remake. The film, directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World), stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, Matthew


Lawrence Michael Levine’s WILD CANARIES Trailer

Sundance Selects released a new trailer for Lawrence Michael Levine‘s upcoming comedy Wild Canaries, opening in New York on February 25th. The film, which originally screened at a number of festivals including last year’s SXSW, stars Jason Ritter, Alia Shawkat, Sophia Takal, Lawrence Michael Levine, Kevin


Slamdance 2015: Shout! Factory Picks Up BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS

Today, Shout! Factory announced that they have acquired the rights to Brian James O’Connell‘s horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, which just screened at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival. The film stars Fran Kranz as an apathetic office worker who discovers his new boss is a vampire. The


TED 2 Trailer Starring Mark Wahlberg

Universal has released the first trailer for Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted 2, which sees the return of Mark Wahlberg and his lovable, yet disgusting talking teddy bear, voiced by MacFarlane. The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Jessica Barth and Liam Neeson.

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Suburban Gothic is the sophomore feature for writer-director Richard Bates Jr., and although the tone is decidedly different than his first film, Excision, the unique visual style is much the same. Favoring comedic antics and funny dialogue over gore, this is a lighter horror film, but still manages to be a fun and entertaining ride and yet another solid entry into Bates’ filmography.

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In 2021, Earth is invaded by an alien force. The combat goes on globally for several years until 2023 when the “Heavies,” as they became known, are driven off the planet. The enemy force, in such a hurry to depart, leave some of their own soldiers behind. Over the next 10 years, the USDF (United Space Defense Force), an international army established to fight the threat, eliminate the remaining Heavies.


Slamdance Studios Announces Partnership with Hulu

The distribution arm of the Slamdance Film Festival, Slamdance Studios, has announced a new partnership with online streaming service Hulu that will bring many of the hits from the festival to your home. To kick things off, 13 titles will be available


Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs Biopic Announces Full Cast

Universal has finally landed with a final cast for it’s now filming Steve Jobs biopic with Michael Fassbender now playing the titular role. Seth Rogen will be portraying Jobs’ partner and friend Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet will be  former Macintosh marketing chief


Sundance 2015: Magnolia Acquires Sean Baker’s TANGERINE

Magnolia Pictures has acquired the worldwide rights to Sean Baker‘s Tangerine, which just had its premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film, executive produced by the Duplass Brothers, was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s and revolves around two trans prostitutes,


Sundance 2015: TURBO KID Trailer

At least a few times a year a movie will come around that appears to be created just for me, and this year I think one of them is Anouk Whissell, François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell‘s Turbo Kid. Back when the first ABCs


FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Gets a Teaser Trailer

20th Century Fox released the first trailer for Josh Trank‘s (Chronicle) upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and although we don’t get to see a whole lot, it does give us an idea of how this film will look, which doesn’t appear to be