Saved by the '90s: Disaster Movies 1
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Episode 36: Disaster MOVIES

The ’90s saw a large number of big budget disaster flicks, some decent, some not so much. This month, Adam and Ken take a look at four big disaster movies including Twister, Dante’s Peak, Deep Impact, and Deep Blue Sea.


Saved by the '90s: Disaster Movies 2
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Release Date: May 10, 1996 Director: Jan de Bont
Time Code: 00:01:48

Saved by the '90s: Disaster Movies 3
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Dante's Peak

Release Date: February 7, 1997 Director: Roger Donaldson
Time Code: 00:21:07

Deep Impact
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Deep Impact

Release Date: May 8, 1998 Director: Mimi Leder
Time Code: 00:39:16

Saved by the '90s: Disaster Movies 4
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Deep Blue Sea

Release Date: July 28, 1999 Director: Renny Harlin
Time Code: 00:59:06

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