Saved by the '90s: Legal Thrillers 1
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Episode 37: Legal Thrillers

The ’90s was the decade of Grisham, with a whopping seven adaptations of his novels released. This month we take a look at three of them (The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker) along with an adaptation of an Aaron Sorkin-written play, A Few Good Men.


Saved by the '90s: Legal Thrillers 2
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A Few Good MEn

Release Date: December 11, 1992 Director: Rob Reiner
Time Code: 00:01:42

Saved by the '90s: Legal Thrillers 3
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The Firm

Release Date: June 30, 1993 Director: Sydney Pollack
Time Code: 00:18:22

The Pelican Brief
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The Pelican Brief

Release Date: December 17, 1993 Director: Alan J. Pakula
Time Code: 00:34:08

Saved by the '90s: Legal Thrillers 4
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The Rainmaker

Release Date: November 21, 1997 Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Time Code: 00:52:52

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