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Episode 11: As the World Crumbles

While the ’90s saw a huge number of comedies released, many considered classics, May of 1991 saw four released in a single month. Join us as we discuss these titles and ponder the decisions behind them.


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What About Bob?

Release Date: May 17, 1991
Director: Frank Oz
Time Code: 00:00:46

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Mannequin: On The Move

Release Date: May 17, 1991
Director: Stewart Raffill
Time Code: 00:12:10

Drop Dead Fred
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Drop Dead Fred

Release Date: May 24, 1991
Director: Ate de Jong
Time Code: 00:46:06

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Release Date: May 31, 1991
Director: Michael Hoffman
Time Code: 01:05:30

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

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Our first of two comedy series discussed this month is the classic Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Adam loved this as a kid, but does it hold up to the test of time? Time code: 00:27:30


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The second comedic TV series discussed this month comes from the mind of Jim Henson and the prehistoric sit-com Dinosaurs. Time code: 00:34:39

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