This week on the show, Adam and Kevin take a look at two new indies with reviews of If There's a Hell Below and Beyond the Gates. Other films discussed include The Dressmaker, Baden Baden, Vamps, Wiener-Dog, Girl Asleep, Krisha, Of Dolls and Murder, Ghost in the Machine, Fatal Frame, and O.J.: Made in America.


Podcast: Episode 234 – EVOLUTION

This week on the show, Adam and Kevin review Lucile Hadzihalilovic's strange thriller Evolution along with some other stuff they've been watching including The Fits, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, Into the Inferno, Avatar, Nerdland, The Phenom, Moonlight, Mirror Mirror (1990), and Come and See.


Podcast: Episode 233 – ARRIVAL

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at Denis Villeneuve's science fiction film Arrival along with a bunch of other stuff they've been watching including Ouija: Origin of Evil, Zootopia, Loving, Under the Shadow, Manchester by the Sea, Love & Friendship, Therapy, and Officer Downe.


Podcast: Episode 232 – RAINBOW TIME, ELLE

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at Paul Verhoeven's latest with a review of Elle, along with the Linas Phillips-directed comedy Rainbow Time. Other films discussed include Under the Shadow, Iraq in Fragments, Rats, 13th, Private Property, Hunt For the Wilderpeople, Last Girl Standing, and Doctor Strange.


Podcast: Halloween Special 2016 – ’80s Horror

This week on a special Halloween 2016 episode of the podcast, Adam and Kevin head back to the '80s with reviews of The Boxer's Omen, Night of the Comet, From Beyond, and Society. Other films discussed include Dheepan, Video Violence, The Zero Boys, The Stendhal Syndrome, Opera, The Windmill, Sweet home, Waxwork, and Tenement.


Podcast: Episode 226 – THE INTERVENTION, UNCLE KENT 2

This week, Adam and Kevin review two new indie films with Clea DuVall's The Intervention and Todd Rohal's Uncle Kent 2. Additional films discussed include Sunset Song, Warcraft, Don't Breathe, Blood Punch, The Midnight Swim, The Creep Behind The Camera, and Let Us Pray.


Podcast: Episode 225 – COSMOS, MORRIS FROM AMERICA

This week, Adam and Kevin line up two reviews with Andrzej Zulawski's Cosmos and Chad Hartigan's Morris From America. Other films discussed include 1990: The Bronx Warriors, Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania, Bad Biology, The Future Perfect, LFO, Cannibal! The Musical, Blood Feast, Assault on Precinct 13, Body Melt, Magic, Imperium, and Microwave Massacre.


Podcast: Episode 223 – SUN CHOKE, DONALD CRIED

This week, Adam and Kevin line up two reviews with Ben Cresciman’s Sun Choke and Kristopher Avedisian’s Donald Cried. Additional films discussed include Memories of Murder, Alphabet City, KWAK or Kassandra with a K, Humanoids From The Deep, The Purge: Election Year, Emperor Jones, 1313: Cougar Cult and 1313: Giant Killer Bees, Suicide Squad, The Lost Arcade, and The Mind's Eye.


Podcast: Episode 222 – JAPAN CUTS 2016

This week, Adam and Kevin round out their 2016 Japan Cuts Festival coverage with reviews of Sion Sono's Love & Peace, Bitter Honey, and A Room of Her Own. Additional films discussed include The Bronze, Inside Out, The Blackout Experiments, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman: The Killing Joke, Jaws, and Lace Crater.