Criterion Announces October 2018 Titles

The Criterion Collection has announced the lineup for their October 2018 home releases including Cornel Wilde‘s The Naked PreyRainer Werner Fassbinder‘s Eight Hours Don’t Make a DayHal Ashby‘s ShampooBrian De Palma‘s Sisters, and Rob Reiner‘s The Princess Bride.

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female trouble

July Blu-ray Giveaway: FEMALE TROUBLE

I know it’s a bit late, but July is here and it’s time for our monthly Blu-ray giveaway! For July, we’ll be giving away a copy of the newly released Criterion Collection Blu-ray of John Waters’ Female Trouble. One lucky newsletter and/or Patron



Another Wolfcop benefits from a bigger budget this time around, allowing for more action, more explosions and loads more practical creature effects, including a werecat.

bowling-for-columbine1 7.5

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE Criterion Blu-Ray Review

As the Eric Hynes essay in the Criterion booklet astutely points out, it’s best to consider Moore’s films as a kind of dynamic presentation, mixing traditional storytelling techniques and operatic hellraising with the kind of infuriating horrors that can only come from simply discussing aspects of real life as they stand.

theaddiction 8

THE ADDICTION Blu-ray Review

With an incredible performance from Taylor and a solid cameo by Christopher Walken, this is one of Ferrara’s best and is worth a look, especially because there’s a new director-approved Blu-ray available from Arrow Video.

vigil blu-ray 2 7.5

VIGIL Blu-ray Review

Its striking visuals alone make this film worthy of a look, depicting the stark, muddy New Zealand countryside with style and grace.


June Blu-ray Giveaway: MIDNIGHT COWBOY

June has arrived and it’s time again for our next Blu-ray giveaway! This month, we’ll be giving away a copy of the newly released Midnight Cowboy Criterion Collection. One lucky newsletter and/or Patron will be winning this fantastic blu-ray, and it could

Smash-Palace-4 7

SMASH PALACE Blu-ray Review

With a superb performance from Bruno Lawrence and some thrilling driving sequences, Smash Palace is a hidden gem worth looking into, made that much easier to procure now that Arrow Academy has released a new Blu-ray version

2000maniacs01 7.5


All in all, with the included bonus film and fact that this is the most complete version of the film to date, this is an easy recommend despite the transfer not being of the highest quality.

moonrise-1 8

MOONRISE Criterion Blu-ray Review

Based on the quality of the film and Criterion’s immaculate audio/visual exhibition, Moonrise is definitely recommended, I just wish there were more supplements to dive into.

virgin suicides

May Blu-ray Giveaway: THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

May is here and so is another Blu-ray giveaway, this time for the recently released Criterion Collection edition of Sofia Coppola‘s The Virgin Suicides! One lucky newsletter and/or Patron will be winning this fantastic blu-ray, and it could be you, so take

virgin suicides

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES Criterion Blu-ray Review

A welcome addition to the Criterion library, The Virgin Suicides has all the makings of a true classic. It’s a timeless, beautifully executed story that now has the proper home release that it so sorely deserved.

sleeping dogs_1 7

SLEEPING DOGS Blu-ray Review

Adapted from the C. K. Stead novel, Smith’s Dream, Roger Donaldson’s 1977 political action thriller, Sleeping Dogs, proved to be the most ambitious film ever shot in New Zealand at the time and was the first feature-length movie shot on 35mm in the country. Providing Sam Neill his first starring role, this Kiwi classic is now on Blu-ray from Arrow Academy.

killer-klowns-1_756_426_81_s 9.5


Marking the directorial debut from Stephen Chiodo - one third of the Chiodo brothers, who are known for their animation and puppetry - Killer Klowns From Outer Space seemed to beckon cult status immediately after its release in 1988. This outrageously campy sci-fi horror film has withstood the test of time and remains a ridiculously fun time even 30 years later.

the-melting-pot 8

KING OF JAZZ Criterion Blu-ray Review

Because this film is already so scantily seen, this Blu-ray release operates as its own historical object that contains enough content for you to understand why this film, of all the old Hollywood revues, got the Criterion treatment.

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