Arrow Video Announces September US Titles

Arrow Video has revealed their full lineup for September, which, as always, includes a slew of great looking titles. On the docket for this month we have Death Screams, a Sam Katzman box-set, The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, Legend, and


Arrow Announces December Titles

Arrow Video has announced their U.S. lineup for December, 2020, which includes a box set of three films by Shohei Imamura (The Ballad of NarayamaZegen, and Black Rain), Cinema Paradiso, Versus, and Tremors.

I’m particularly excited about Tremors getting a new 4K release


Arrow Video Announces September 2020 Releases

Arrow Video has announced its U.S. releases for September 2020, which includes Graveyards of Honor (the original 1975 Graveyard of Honor and the 2002 remake), Jesus Shows You The Way to the Highway, and ivansxtc.

Take a look below for the


Arrow Video Announces July 2020 Titles

Arrow Video has announced their home lineup in the U.S. for July, with new Blu-ray editions of Zombie for Sale, Black Rainbow, Inferno of Torture, Hiroshima,  Bloodstone, and Life is a Long Quiet River.

Take a look below at the full release and be


Arrow Video Announces June 2020 Titles

Arrow Video has announced their home video lineup for June, with new Blu-ray editions of America As Seen By A Frenchman, The Max Fox, Dream Demon, and Django.

Take a look below for the full announcement and be sure to click over


Arrow Video Announces May 2020 Titles

Arrow Video has announced their home video lineup for May 2020, with new Blu-ray releases of Blood Tide, White Fire, The Woman, and a very rad looking Shinya Tsukamoto box set containing eight features.

Take a look below for the details and,


Arrow Video Announces April 2020 Lineup

Arrow Video has announced their U.S. Blu-ray lineup for April 2020, including new releases of Ovidio G. AssonitisBeyond the Door, John HughesSixteen Candles, Kirill Sokolov‘s Why Don’t You Just Die!, James Signorelli‘s Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, and Nico



Of all the Japanese horror titles released after the explosive success of The Ring, none was  as derivative as the One Missed Call series, but at least in the case of Takashi Miike’s first entry, there’s a lot more substance here than


Arrow Video Announces March 2020 Titles

March is nearly here, and with that Arrow Video has announced their U.S. Blu-ray lineup for the upcoming month. There’s two titles for us to sink our teeth into for March, with Robert Altman’s Kansas City and Philip Ridley’s The Passion

IMG_20181023_0034 4.5

DEADLY MANOR Arrow Blu-ray Review

It’s tough to recommend Deadly Manor to anyone but die-hard slasher fans, as there’s just not much here to grab onto aside from some super cheesy dialogue and a semi-interesting killer.


Arrow Video Announces February 2020 Titles

February brings with it three new home video releases from Arrow Video, with Henri-Georges Clouzot‘s Manon, the One Missed Call Trilogy, and José Ramón Larraz‘s Deadly Manor. These are three exciting titles, especially because I haven’t revisited any of the One

axe 6

EDGE OF THE AXE Arrow Blu-ray Review

If you’re in the market for a more obscure ’80s slasher, featuring a creepy killer, ridiculous dialogue and predictably silly ending, Edge of the Axe is worth a look and is certainly a step above the rest of the derivative genre titles we saw in the waning moments of the decade.

black angel

Arrow Video Announces January 2020 Titles

Arrow Video has announced their January 2020 home video lineup, which includes José Ramón Larraz‘s Edge of the Axe and Roy William Neill‘s Black Angel. Take a look below for details about these two releases and, as always, head over to
RoboCop-Poster-Main-1864x1048 10

ROBOCOP Arrow Blu-ray Review

This is the ultimate take-home version of Verhoeven’s groundbreaking satirical cyborg cop movie and absolutely receives the highest marks for its quality and volume of content.

Hitch Hike to Hell_still 5.5

HITCH HIKE TO HELL Arrow Blu-ray Review

Although it boasts a number of solid supplements, the rough transfer and ho-hum movie itself makes Hitch Hike to Hell a lesser release in Arrow’s vast library of superior titles.