Podcast: Episode 280 – BLACK PANTHER

This week, Adam and Kevin review the highly anticipated Black Panther and talk about some other movies including The Long Goodbye, Mohawk, His Girl Friday, Night of the Living Dead Criterion Collection, and The Trip to Spain.


Podcast: Episode 249 – LITTLE BOXES

This week on the show Adam and Kevin take a look at the newly released indie dramedy Little Boxes from director Rob Meyer. Other films discussed include Lupin III, Midnight Meat Train, the first three movies in the new season of MST3K (Reptilicus,

Podcast: Episode 114 – CIRCLES, BLUE RUIN

Podcast: Episode 114 – CIRCLES, BLUE RUIN

This week on the show, Adam and Kevin talk about some of what they’ve been watching before jumping into two feature reviews- the Serbian film Circles, which is set to next screen at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival in NYC, and Jeremy Saulnier‘s