Podcast: 456 – SALOUM

This week, Adam and Kevin review the badass African Western horror hybrid Saloum, along with some other stuff including Horror in the High Desert, He's Watching, Tourist Trap, Confess, Fletch, The Gate, and Speak No Evil.


Podcast: 455 – FUNNY PAGES

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the indie comedy Funny Pages, out now on VOD platforms. Other titles discussed include Outbreak, Amityville: Dollhouse, The Final Destination, Watcher, Damnation, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Podcast: 454 – THE INNOCENTS

This week, Adam and Kevin review the dark supernatural horror movie The Innocents, available now on Shudder, along with some other stuff including Carter, The Borderlands, Bullet Train, A Feast of Man, Day Shift, Vengeance, Spin Me Round, and Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge.


Podcast: 453 – PREY

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at Prey, available now on Hulu, along with some other stuff including The Reef: Stalked, Blue Collar, The Card Counter, and What Josiah Saw.

Dark Glasses

Fantasia 2022: Roundup Part 3

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is wrapping up its 2022 edition and they’ve once again outdone themselves with such an eclectic and well-crafted lineup. In addition to this week’s podcast which just dropped, below you’ll find the next batch of titles


Podcast: 452 – Fantasia 2022 Part 2 (INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE, COUNTRY GOLD)

This week, Adam and Kevin head back to Montreal for more coverage of Fantasia 2022 with reviews of two absurdist comedies, Incredible But True and Country Gold. Other titles discussed include Sense and Sensibility, Dark Glasses, When a Stranger Calls, What to do With The Dead Kaiju, Prince of Darkness, Next Sohee, The Killer, Special Delivery, and Glorious.


Fantasia 2022: Roundup Part 2

Although Fantasia Fest may be in its final stretch there are still a bunch of great titles screening, three of which are Next Sohee (winner of Best Director July Jung), Country Gold, and The Killer.

Take a look below for my thoughts


Fantasia 2022: Award Winners Announced

This year’s Fantasia Festival is still chugging along in its second week and today the award winners have been announced. Karim Ouelhaj‘s Megalomaniac picked up Best Feature, with July Jung winning Best Director for Next Sohee.

Take a look below for the


Fantasia 2022: Roundup Part 1

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is officially underway and although we’re only finishing up the first week, I already caught a handful of discussion-worthy titles. Below you’ll find my thoughts about the South Korean dark comedy Next Door, the wilderness horror


Podcast: 450 – Fantasia 2022 (MOLOCH, THE ROUNDUP)

This week, Adam and Kevin begin their coverage of this year's Fantasia Festival in Montreal with reviews of the Dutch horror film Moloch and the South Korean action flick The Roundup. Other titles discussed include RRR, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Hand of God, The Flying Luna Clipper, The Bob’s Burgers Movie, The Black Phone, Lady Street Fighter, Run Coyote Run, and The Dark Backward.


Fantasia 2022: 10 Anticipated Titles

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite film festivals, so much so that it’s brought me out of a writing hiatus to bring you five titles I’m most excited for. Narrowing this down to just ten has been

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Creative filmmakers have proven multiple times over that one doesn’t need a big budget to craft a mind-bendingly entertaining time-travel film, with titles like Primer and Timecrimes showing audiences that you can still have a narratively complex science-fiction story without dropping $100


Fantasia 2021: Award Winners Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival wrapped up its 2021 edition yesterday and with that this year’s award winners have been announced. Hong Eui-jeong‘s Voice of Silence was awarded Best Film, with Igor Legarreta winning Best Director for All The Moons.

Take a look below