Fantasia 2018: 5 Anticipated Films

First, we took a look at five films to look out for at this year’s Fantasia Festival, now we’re going to highlight five films we’re excited to see in Montreal. There’s a huge number of titles to be excited for this

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Fantasia 2018: 5 Films To Watch

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is almost upon us, and with its large number of great looking selections, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few titles we recommend checking out. Fantasia will be taking place July 12th through August


Fantasia 2018: Final Wave of Films Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia Fest just announced their final wave of films, and if you didn’t already think this year was packed to the brim with great looking titles, they just dumped another huge list of films. Panos CosmatosMandy has been


Fantasia 2018: Second Wave of Films Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has revealed its first wave of films, which include a huge number of must-see titles, not the least of which is Tales From the Hood 2, chosen as one of the opening night selections. Daniel Roby‘s


Fantasia 2018: First Wave of Titles Announced

Montreal’s genre film festival Fantasia Fest has announced the first wave of films screening for their 22nd edition, including Shinsuke Sato‘s live action adaptation of the popular anime Bleach, David Robert Mitchell’s Under The Silver Lake, and Unfriended: Dark Web among others.



Frontiè[email protected] 2015: First Wave Projects Announced

With Montreal’s Fantasia Fest ready to launch July 23rd, the Frontières co-production market returns with new in development projects from a number of talented filmmakers including John McNaughton, RKSS, the team behind Turbo Kid, and A Serbian Film director Srdjan Spasojevic.



Fantasia Fest 2015: First Wave of Films Announced

The 2015 Fantasia Film Festival is set to kick off this Summer in Montreal and today the first wave of films screening this year have been announced with highlights including Marvel’s Ant-Man, Jason Lei Howden‘s Deathgasm, and Mari Asato‘s video game adaptation

Fantasia Fest 2013: Second Wave of Titles Announced

Fantasia Fest 2013: Second Wave of Titles Announced

The second wave of titles has been announced for Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival 2013, and the lineup this year is looking pretty fantastic.  Takashi Miike‘s Shield of Straw has been announced as the opening night film, with some other highlights including