LA Film Fest 2013: ‘Goodbye World’ Review 8/10

LA Film Fest 2013: ‘Goodbye World’ Review

DIRECTED by:                                                                       Film Pulse Score: 8/10

“If you’re expecting an apocalyptic end-of-the-world movie with burning cities and cars exploding, I’m sure there’s one playing in the theater down the hall,” director Denis Henry Hennelly admitted

I.D. Review 8.5

I.D. Review

What if something happened to someone who was working in your home. You discover they have no identification on them and they look to be in serious condition. You do the right thing and get help. Once the paperwork and reports are taken that should be the end of your involvement, right? Right? If it turns out it wasn’t what would you do? How far would you take it? Kamal K.M.’s solid mystery/drama raises these questions as one woman attempts to find out the identity of a mysterious laborer in the film I.D.

LA Film Fest 2013: Anticipated Films

LA Film Fest 2013: Anticipated Films

This year’s Los Angeles Film Festival promises to be a great one, with another fantastic lineup.  Three of our writers, Ernie Trinidad, Gina Kelly, and Elisha Male chimed in on what they are most looking forward to at the fest, which kicks