2020 Brooklyn Film Festival Winners Announced

2020 Brooklyn Film Festival Winners Announced 1
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The 2020 Brooklyn Film Festival has officially wrapped its first virtual edition and today the winners for this year’s festival have been announced. Adam Brown’s Into the Storm has been given the Grand Chameleon Award, with Jeanne Leblanc’s Our Own winning Best Narrative Feature.

Take a look below for all the winners including the audience awards and be sure to check out the official Brooklyn Film Festival site at brooklynfilmfestival.org for more information.

GRAND CHAMELEON AWARD – Dir. Adam Brown for the Documentary Feature INTO THE STORM 

Best Narrative Feature – Dir. Jeanne Leblanc for the film OUR OWN

Jury Statement: In this category’s strong competition, the jury found that OUR OWN distinguished itself with its unwavering gaze at difficult issues and its formal control. Director Jeanne Leblanc captures the disconnect between the apparently ordinary households of a suburban neighborhood and the ugliness beneath the surface, problems that extend well beyond the film’s original sin. Its admirable qualities include courageous performances and a refusal to resolve itself in a conventionally reassuring way.

Best Documentary Feature – Dir. Adam Brown for the film INTO THE STORM

Jury Statement: The judges were thoroughly inspired by Jhonny’s story in INTO THE STORM. Thanks to the filmmakers’ excellent access, we felt that we were right there alongside him, experiencing the various ups and downs inherent to an athlete’s journey. We also applaud the excellent cinematography which superbly caught both Jhonny’s moves on the surfboard and stunning views of the ocean.

Best Narrative Short -Dir. Georgi M. Unkovski for the film STICKER

Jury Statement: STICKER is a rare achievement. One in which the filmmakers manage to perfectly balance humor and humanity, parental love and outlaw determination, inside a masterfully made film. It infuses us with joy as it impresses us with its technical skill.

Best Documentary Short – Dir. Malcolm Rizzuto and and Spencer Garrison for the film EAT WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY

Jury Statement: The Jury found EAT WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY extremely creative and strikingly funny. As an autobiographical tale on the immigrant experience from a unique perspective, it felt fresh and innovative. Presented through lively animation that details the complex – but also loving – story behind the relationship between a young man and his grandmother, we thoroughly enjoyed this film and encourage the filmmakers to keep creating.

Best Animation – Dir. Zige Zhang for the film KING OF THE HOUSE

Jury Statement: The Animation we selected as winner of the category is KING OF THE HOUSE. Zige Zhang’s exquisitely illustrated and pacy tale shines the spotlight on inequality. She nudges us to see that our shared humanity holds the key.

Best Experimental – Dir. Garry Stewart for the film THE CIRCADIAN CYCLE

Jury Statement: The jury is pleased to name THE CIRCADIAN CYCLE as the BFF 2020 winner for Best Experimental Short  for its combination of striking cinematography, intriguing choreography, resonant score and conceptual depth. As the film shifts from vast wild landscapes to intimate explorations of the human form, it unites dance and the natural world in an eloquent expression of life’s rhythms.

Spirit Awards

Narrative Feature – Dir. Kenya Márquez for the film SUFFOCATION

Documentary Feature – Dir. Hasan Oswald for the film HIGHER LOVE

Narrative Short – Dir. Alex Wu for the film IDOL

Documentary Short – Dir. Jessica Colquhoun for the film SUNDAYS AT THE TRIPLE NICKEL

Experimental – Dir. Kevin McGloughlin for the film SUITE AFTER THE FURIES 

Animation – Dir. Tom Hardiman for the film PITCH BLACK PANACEA 

Best Brooklyn Project – Dir. Mojo Lorwin for the film SUMMER IN THE CITY

Audience Awards

Narrative FeatureMACABRE directed by Marcos Prado

Documentary Feature INTO THE STORM directed by Adam Brown

Narrative ShortTHE PRESENT directed by Farah Nabulsi

Documentary ShortTHEY directed by Louisa Rechenbach

ExperimentalINHUMAN LOVE  directed by Adam Hayes and Nick Hayes

AnimationWADE directed by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya and Kalp Sanghvi

KidsFilmFestCRAMMING directed by Dan Perlman

Certificates of Achievement

Best New Director Award – Hasan Oswald for the film HIGHER LOVE

Best Producer Award – Rodrigo Ríos Legaspi for the film BEFORE OBLIVION 

Best Screenplay Award – Morgan Ingari for the film MILKWATER  

Best Cinematography Award – Vincent Biron for I’LL END UP IN JAIL

Best Editing Award – Maciej Bruno Sosnowski for the film ROTTEN EARS

Best Style Award – Ashley Eakin for the film SINGLE

Best Original Score Award – Composer Xiao Zhuang Ma for the film THE JOURNEY OF MURDER

Best Actor Female – Susana Alcantara for the film WOMAN WITHOUT A CHILD

Best Actor Male – Kyle Chen for the film IDOL

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  1. David Hollingsworth Reply

    All of these films sound great and intriguing. They also seem relevant to todays’ troubling times.

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