Abigail Breslin to Star in MAGGIE Opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger

abigail breslin to star in maggie
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Just over a month ago we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be starring in an upcoming zombie film titled Maggie, which revolves a man trying to cope with his daughter being bitten and gradually turning.

Today it was announced that Abigail Breslin has been cast as the title character and daughter of Arnold.  Breslin is no stranger to the zombie flick, having previously starred in the fantastic Zombieland, though it seems like her character in this film won’t be so lucky. 

The script for Maggie, written by John Scott 3, was part of the Black List in 2011, and the film will mark the directorial debut of Henry Hobson, who previously worked as a title designer on such films as The Lone Ranger.

Shooting for the film is set for this Fall, so it’s likely we’ll see a release sometime next year, however there’s no date set as of now.

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