Arnold Schwarzenegger to Take on the Zombie Apocalypse in ‘Maggie’

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It seems like the Arnold comeback is in full swing, with plenty of projects on the horizon for the bodybuilder turned actor turned governor turned actor. Next on the list is a zombie film titled Maggie, which will be produced from a blacklist script from John Scott 3.

The film centers on a father and daughter coming to terms with the fact that she is slowly turning into a zombie.  The role sounds like it will be more dramatic in nature than what Arnold is probably used to, but hopefully he’ll be able to carry it, as the story sounds interesting.

Henry Hobson will be making his directorial debut and there’s no other cast members set as of now. Chloe Grace Moretz was in talks to play Maggie, however she dropped out.  Shooting is set to begin this fall.

Source: Variety

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