Film Pulse Podcast: 470 – AFTERSUN

This week, Adam and Kevin review the fantastic drama Aftersun and talk about some other stuff including Videophobia, Images, Rolercoaster, Man Hunt, Missing, The Worst Person in the World, M3gan, and In Search of Darkness III.


Saved by the ’90s: FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES

This month, we're taking a look at the TV series Freddy's Nightmares, which perplexingly lasted two seasons. For this episode, we'll be giving our thoughts on the show as a whole and reviewing the last ten episodes, all of which aired in the '90s.


Film Pulse Podcast: 465 – NANNY

This week, Adam and Kevin review the psychological thriller Nanny, and talk about some other stuff including This Gun for Hire, Quick Change, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and Blood Delirium.


Saved by the ’90s: Presidential Movies

The '90s was a fantastic decade if you're into movies involving American presidents as it brought a slew of titles on the subject. This month, we'll be taking a look at four of them including Dave, The American President, Canadian Bacon, and Air Force One.


Film Pulse Podcast: 464 – DECISION TO LEAVE

This week, Adam and Kevin review Park Chan-wook's latest, Decision to Leave, and talk about some other stuff including Triangle of Sadness, Hardcore, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, and A Christmas Story Christmas.


Podcast: 461 – BARBARIAN

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the horror film Barbarian, available now on HBO Max. Other titles discussed include Slayers, Trancers, Amityville 1992: It's About Time, Night of the Living Dead, and Amityville: A New Generation.


Saved by the ’90s: Stephen King

In this month's Halloween special, Adam and Ken take a look at just four of the many Stephen King adaptations throughout the decade including Misery, Sleepwalkers, The Dark Half, and The Mangler.


Podcast: 460 – PEARL

This week, Adam and Kevin review Ti West's X prequel Pearl, along with discussing some other titles including Sometimes They Come Back, The Hidden, V/H/S/99, and Ticket to Paradise.