DON’T TELL A SOUL Trailer Starring Rainn Wilson

The trailer has been released for the upcoming thriller Don’t Tell A Soul, starring Fionn Whitehead and Jack Dylan Grazer as brothers who rob a house in order to help their sick mother (Mena Suvari), only to get caught by a security

girl 4

GIRL Review

This is a repost of our review from Fantastic Fest 2020, Girl will be available on VOD platforms November 20th.

Aside from being rather SEO unfriendly, the title of Chad Faust’s feature debut, Girl, refers to the nameless protagonist, a supposed stand-in


Criterion Announces February 2021 Titles

The Criterion Collection has announced their home media titles for February, 2021, which includes Alan J. Pakula‘s The Parallax View, Ousmane Sembène‘s Mandabi, Ramin Bahrani‘s Man Push Cart and Chop Shop, and Joyce Carol OatesSmooth Talk.

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Sci-Fi Thriller MINOR PREMISE Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Eric Schultz’s science fiction thriller Minor Premise, which involves a young neuroscientist carrying out some dangerous experiments in order to unlock the secrets of the mind.

The film stars Sathya Sridharan, Paton Ashbrook, and Dana



If you’re not familiar with the work of Youtuber Stuart Ashen and you’re a fan of pop culture junk, then you’re sorely missing out. After making his big screen debut in 2013 with Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild, he’s back


Podcast: 386 – HIS HOUSE

This week, Adam and Kevin review the horror film His House, the feature debut of director Remi Weekes. Some other titles discussed include Borat 2, Asylum, Spiral, Disappearance at Clifton Hill, Fade to Black, and The New Mutants.   

Koko-di_Koko-da_01_16_9_Credit_Johannes-Nyholm-Produktion 3


With its threadbare plot, gobsmackingly frustrating characters, and dull time-loop mechanic, Koko-Di Koko-Da is a test of one’s patience more than it is a meditation on grief.    


Podcast: 385 – Giallo

This week, in celebration of Halloween, Adam and Kevin take a look at four '70s giallo films including Black Belly of the Tarantula, The Blood Stained Butterfly, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, and All The Colors of the Dark.


Saved by the ’90s: Horror Trends

In this month's Halloween special, Adam and Ken dive into horror trends by looking at the emergence of meta horror and found footage with reviews of New Nightmare, Scream, The Last Broadcast, and The Blair Witch Project.

BattleReadyStill 7


The unique and masterfully executed animation is worth the price of admission alone, but the thoughtful homage to classic monster movies and the frequent comedic injections make this a fun, albeit rough around the edges, spook show.


NEWS OF THE WORLD Trailer Starring Tom Hanks

Universal has released the trailer for News of the World starring Tom Hanks as a Civil War captain who spends his time roaming from town to town bringing people the latest news. While on his travels he finds a young girl and



After their debut with 2012’s glorious low-budget mindfuck, Resolution, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have been producing hit after hit, with their clever genre mashups that always keep the audience on its toes. With every release we can see them hone their


Animated Horror Film ATTACK OF THE DEMONS Trailer

Way back in June of 2019, which feels like a decade ago at this point, we covered a unique animated horror film called Attack of the Demons from director Eric Power which was screening at Cinepocalypse.

Crafted using construction paper, the


Podcast: 384 – KAJILLIONAIRE Review

This week, Adam and Kevin review Miranda July's latest offbeat comedy, Kajillionaire, and talk about some other titles including Blood Diner, Love and Monsters, Time, and Totally Under Control.


Criterion Announces January 2021 Titles

The Criterion Collection has announced their home media lineup for January 2021, which includes Larisa Shepitko’s The Ascent, Bing Liu‘s Minding the Gap, Martin Scorsese‘s Rolling Thunder Review, and a collection of three films from Luis Buñuel.

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