Podcast: 399 – Slamdance 2021

This week, Adam and Kevin wrap up their experience at Slamdance 2021 with reviews of A Black Rift Begins to Yawn, Taipei Suicide Story, and The Sleeping Negro. Other titles discussed include Tom & Jerry, Rumi and His Roses, Opera, A Family That Steals Dogs, Trammel, Shook, and Why Don't You Just Die!.



Crackle has released the trailer for their upcoming 5-part documentary series on the history of Nintendo titled Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story, which will be premiering for free on its streaming platform March 1st.

The series is directed by Jeremy Snead

1. Rachel Sennott in SHIVA BABY

SHIVA BABY Starring Rachel Sennott Gets a Trailer

Utopia has released the trailer and poster for the upcoming comedy Shiva Baby, written and directed by Emma Seligman and starring Rachel Sennott, Molly Gordon, Diana Agron, Danny Deferrari, Polly Draper, and Fred Melamed.

This coming of age story follows a young woman


Sci-Fi Thriller DOORS Gets a Trailer

Epic Pictures has released the trailer and poster for the upcoming science fiction film Doors, which involves a series of mysterious doors that appear around the world and the individuals who decide to explore the alien worlds beyond them. It sounds eerily

The Toll_2

Horror-Thriller THE TOLL Gets a Trailer

Saban Films has released the trailer for the upcoming horror film The Toll, which involves a woman and her driver getting caught up in a slasher situation after heading down a road controlled by an entity known as “the toll man.”



Sci-Fi Thriller COME TRUE Gets a Trailer

IFC has released the trailer for the upcoming science fiction thriller Come True, written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns and starring Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, and Skylar Radzion.

Stone plays a young woman who, after running away from home, enters


LUCKY Starring Brea Grant Gets a Trailer

Shudder has released a new trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film Lucky, written by and starring Brea Grant. Directed by Natasha Kermani, the film involves a couple who are stuck in a situation where a masked killer attempts to murder them



This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the Nicolas Cage-starring horror movie, Willy's Wonderland. Other titles discussed include Malcolm & Marie, Beginning, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Radioflash, Bliss, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, Red Post on Escher Street, The Bloodhound, and The Deeper You Dig.

Lapsis_1 8


Lapsis is the perfect type of science fiction, which draws unmistakable parallels to our current society and nudges it ever so slightly beyond where we are now but cautiously predicts where we could go if trends continue.


SON Starring Emile Hirsch Gets a Trailer

RLJE has released the trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller Son, which involves a woman who grew up in a cult, only to have the members return years later for her son.

Ivan Kavanagh directs with Andi MatichakEmile Hirsch, and Luke David Blumm starring.


SXSW 2021: Full Film Lineup Announced

The film lineup for this year’s SXSW has been revealed, with 75 features comprised of 57 world premieres. This will be the first year SXSW has gone virtual, with the entire slate of titles streaming online for fans to enjoy in the