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This week, Adam and Kevin wrap their heads around Charlie Kaufman's latest, I'm thinking of Ending Things. Other titles discussed include Cabin Fever (2016), The Five Rules of Success, A Score To Settle, The Owners, 



We’ve seen it before: would-be burglars get more than they bargained for when they decide to break into the wrong house. As clichéd an idea as it may be, it still manages to be one that is rife with opportunity, and Julius

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Fantasia 2020: Award Winners Announced

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has officially wrapped, and with that the award winners from this year’s virtual edition have been announced. Daria Woszek’s Marygoround won the jury prize for Best Film and Best Director, with Brea Grant‘s 12 Hour Shift winning


Cooper Raiff’s Comedy SHITHOUSE Trailer

IFC has released the trailer for the upcoming comedy Shithouse directed by Cooper Raiff. The film stars Raiff as a lonely college freshman who falls for his RA, played by Dylan Gelula.

Shithouse will be available in theaters and on VOD

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Fantasia 2020: THE PAPER TIGERS Review

Reminiscent of a Kung Fu version of Uncle Drew and even the recent Cobra Kai TV series, Quoc Bao Tran’s feature debut, The Paper Tigers, concerns the lives of three former Kung Fu prodigies who must overcome their past conflicts and now-middle-aged

POSSESSOR_Andrea Riseborough_Courtesy of NEON

Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR: UNCUT Trailer

Neon has released a new trailer for Brandon Cronenberg‘s sci-fi thriller Possessor, which is set to hit theaters and drive-ins October 9th.

Andrea Riseborough stars as an assassin who uses brain implant technology to take over the bodies of other people


Arrow Video Announces September 2020 Releases

Arrow Video has announced its U.S. releases for September 2020, which includes Graveyards of Honor (the original 1975 Graveyard of Honor and the 2002 remake), Jesus Shows You The Way to the Highway, and ivansxtc.

Take a look below for the

PVT Chat 2 2.5

Fantasia 2020: PVT CHAT Review

Playing out like some kind of perverted fantasy rather than a deep rumination on obsession and addiction, Ben Hozie’s PVT Chat may mean well, but its misguided finale sets the wrong tone on a subject that’s becoming more relevant as more sex

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Fantasia 2020: KAKEGURUI Review

Continuing the long-standing trend of Japanese manga adaptations that center on a high school that specializes in some specific subject, Kakegurui is a high-energy farce about a posh private academy that’s composed of spoiled rich kids obsessed with gambling.

Originally a manga

Crazy Samurai Musashi 2 5.5

Fantasia 2020: CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI Review

Miyamoto Musashi is arguably the greatest fighter in Japanese history, thought to have won more than 60 duels. He also later developed a two-sword fencing style called nitō ichi-ryū

Musashi was dubbed kensai or “sword saint,” and his legend continued to grow

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Back in 2000, as part of a promotion for his latest film, Ready to Rumble, actor David Arquette did a collaboration with the WCW and ended up winning the World Heavyweight Championship. This was a controversial stunt that drew savage ire from