Animated Comedy Adventure CONNECTED Trailer

Sony Pictures Animation has released the first official trailer for Connected, an animated apocalyptic comedy about a road-tripping family stuck in the middle of a tech uprising when omnipresent gadgets and electronics decide to take over the world.

Written and directed by


Cult Chiller THE OTHER LAMB Trailer

IFC Films has released an official trailer for The Other Lamb, which looks very creepy and atmospheric. The film stars Raffey Cassidy as a teenager born into a secluded cult where she and other young women live under the influence of a


Comedic Thriller BUTT BOY Trailer and Poster

Epic Pictures has released a new official trailer for Butt Boy, and it confirms the absurdity promised by the film’s title. (Warning: there are a few quick butt shots in the video). The trailer also hints at some real intensity to go


Teen Comedy BANANA SPLIT Trailer

Vertical Entertainment has released an official trailer for Banana Split, a comedy in which two teenage girls attempt to remain friends even though one is dating the other’s ex.

Directed by Benjamin Kasulke, Banana Split stars Hannah Marks (who also co-wrote the


UK Drama BLUE STORY Trailer and Poster

Paramount Pictures has released an official trailer and poster for Blue Story, a drama adapted from a popular YouTube series by Rapman (aka Andrew Onwubolu), about two friends who become rivals in a street war due to their living in different London


Cannabis Crime Thriller GREEN RUSH Trailer

Lionsgate has released a trailer for Green Rush, an inspired-by-true-events thriller set at a California marijuana farm that’s targeted by ruthless criminals.

Directed by Gerard Roxburgh, Green Rush stars Mike Foy, Paul Telfer, Kriss Dozal, Misha Crosby and MMA star Andre Fili.


Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL Trailer and Poster

Disney has released a new trailer and poster for Artemis Fowl, a fantastical adventure based on the book by Eoin Colfer. The story follows a 12-year-old genius who gets caught up in a world of intrigue after his father disappears.

Directed by



MarVista Entertainment has released an official trailer for Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, a comedy starring Sam Huntington and Kate Micucci as a couple that gets a great deal on an L.A. apartment, only to discover it was once home to


Fangoria’s Horror-Comedy PORNO Trailer

Fangoria has released an official trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy Porno, which has a simple but effective synopsis:

A group of seemingly wholesome young movie theatre employees are tempted and terrorized by a sex demon. And, when the five teen employees discover


RADIUM GIRLS Gets a Trailer

Juno Films has released a trailer for Radium Girls, a based-on-true-events drama about workers at the American Radium Factory in New Jersey who fall ill and then investigate a scandal. American Radium Factory represents the real-life United States Radium Corporation, which exposed


Music Scene Comedy THE HIGH NOTE Trailer

Focus Features has released the first official trailer for The High Note, starring Tracee Ellis Ross as a singing superstar and Dakota Johnson as her put-upon assistant who dreams of being a music producer.

Directed by Nisha Ganatra, The High Note also


Historical Epic ROBERT THE BRUCE Trailer

Screen Media Films has released an official trailer for Robert the Bruce, staring Angus Macfadyen as the famous Scottish warrior and king, the same role he played in 1995’s Braveheart. William Wallace is mentioned within the first 10 seconds of the trailer,


Shudder’s BLOOD QUANTUM Red Band Trailer

Shudder has released an official red band trailer for Blood Quantum, a zombie film in which hordes of undead besiege the First Nations people of a secluded Mi’gmaq reserve. It’s tough to find an original hook in this omnipresent sub-genre, but Blood


Family Dramedy ABE Trailer

Blue Fox Entertainment has released a trailer for Abe, a coming-of-age dramedy that had its world premiere at Sundance in 2019. In the film, half-Israeli, half-Palestinian teenage aspiring chef Abe (Noah Schnapp) desires to cook the perfect meal to bring his family


Crime Thriller STRAY DOLLS Trailer

Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a trailer for Stray Dolls, which had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. The stylish-looking thriller follows two young women who get caught up in spiraling violence after deciding to rob a motel owner.


Netflix’s GO KARTS Trailer

Netflix has released an official trailer for Go Karts, an Australian family film about a 15-year-old who moves to a new town and finds some friends and a grizzled mentor while discovering his love of go kart racing. The movie looks like