Chantal Potter’s BALLOON MAN Exclusive Clip

Here’s an exclusive clip for Chantal Potter‘s upcoming documentary Balloon Man, which takes a look at the life of her father, Bill Costen, a football player who became the first African American hot-air balloon master pilot.

Balloon Man will be available on VOD platforms tomorrow, February 2nd.

Written and Directed by Chantal Potter, BALLOON MAN is a true labor of love, providing a glimpse into the life of her father, Bill Costen’s tragic yet incredible journey from the football field to the wide-open sky. After being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, tragedy forces Costen out of his dream. Saying goodbye to a career on the turf, he takes to the air, becoming the first African American Hot-Air Balloon Master Pilot in the world. Throughout his life, Costen has remained an inspirational figure, committed to the collection and education of Black history and bringing infectious optimism to every situation.

Chantal Potter's BALLOON MAN Exclusive Clip 1
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