Podcast: Episode 290 – SOLLERS POINT

This week, Adam and Kevin review the latest indie drama from Matthew Porterfield, Sollers Point, along with some other stuff including Dead Pool 2, Roman J. Israel Esq., Batman Ninja, A.I., and The Cleaners.


Podcast: Episode 289 – REVENGE

This week, Adam and Kevin take a bloody look at Coralie Fargeat's Revenge along with some other stuff including Call Me By Your Name, the Critters series, Fail to Appear, Jawbreaker, Freaked, and Smash Palace.


Podcast: Episode 288 – MANHUNT

This week, Adam is joined by Film Pulse critic Ken Bakely for a look at the new John Woo action flick Manhunt. Other films discussed include Face/Off, Psychokinesis, The Rage: Carrie 2, Two Thousand Maniacs!, John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, The Cleanse, God's Own Country, and Damsel.


Podcast: Episode 287 – DUCK BUTTER, Tribeca 2018

This week, Adam and Kevin talk about Miguel Arteta's latest, Duck Butter, which is playing in limited release now and premiered at Tribeca 2018. Adam gives his spoiler-free reaction to Avengers: Infinity War and recaps his time at Tribeca this year and talks about Seven Stages, Jonathan, Braid, Cargo, and Slut in a Good Way. Kevin talks about The King of Comedy, Behemoth, and Wild Wild Country.


Podcast: Episode 284 – UNSANE

This week, Adam and Kevin review the Steven Soderbergh's thriller Unsane.  Other films discussed include Revenge, Dodsworth, Ready Player One, Djon África, The 'Burbs, Explorers, and Pyewacket.


Podcast: Episode 283 – COLD HELL

This week, Adam and Kevin review the German thriller Cold Hell, along with some other stuff including My Brother's Wedding, Tombraider, Drift, Satan's Slaves, Ghost Stories, and Lowlife.


Podcast: Episode 282 – THE DEATH OF STALIN

This week, Adam and Kevin review Armando Iannucci's offbeat comedy The Death of Stalin. Other films discussed include Midnighters, I, Daniel Blake, Veronica, Last Men in Aleppo, The Outsider, and Demon House.