Podcast: 333 – THE MOUNTAIN

This week, Adam and Kevin take the driest road trip ever with a look at Rick Alverson's The Mountain and talk about some other stuff including Final Destination, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Girlfriends, Freaks, A Hole in the Ground, The Wretched, Satanic Panic, and Harpoon.


Podcast: 332 – LUZ

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the stylish indie horror title LUZ, along with some other stuff including The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil, Moonrise, The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, Jamilia, 8, Naked, and The Wretched.


Podcast: 331 – CRAWL

Adam and Kevin go up against some hungry gators this week with a review of Crawl and talk about some other stuff including Hale County This Morning, This Evening, The Art of Self-Defense, Titixe, Sadako, Critters Attack!, and The Chill Factor.


Podcast: 330 – MIDSOMMAR

This week, Adam and Kevin head to Sweden for a review of Ari Aster's latest horror experience, Midsommar. Additional titles discussed include FM, Mangoshake, Stuber, Sarah Plays a Werewolf, Trespassers, and Dark Figure of Crime.


Podcast: 329 – JINPA, HARD-CORE

With the New York Asian Film festival kicking off, Adam and Kevin take a look at two films screening there this year with Jinpa and Hard-Core. Other titles discussed include Samurai Marathon, Vice, Midsommar, O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization, and Child's Play.



Adam and Kevin take a look at this year's Cinepocalypse Film Festival and review the creative animated feature Attack of the Demons. Other titles discussed include Villains, Kindred Spirits, Deadcon, Island of the Hungry Ghosts, Malatesta's Carnival of Blood, The Child, and The Premonition.

Podcast_tux and fanny_sc

Podcast: 327 – TUX AND FANNY

This week, Adam and Kevin review the newly released Tux and Fanny, available now on Vimeo, along with some other stuff including The Last Black Man in San Francisco, The Great Pretender, Dark Phoenix, Everybody Knows, The Beach Bum, The Lego Movie 2, and Double Impact.


Podcast: 326 – DOMINO

Adam and Kevin take a look at Brian de Palma's latest, Domino, along with some other stuff including The Perfection, I Am Legend, John Wick Chapter 3, Booksmart, and Avengement.


Podcast: Ryan Watches REVENGE

Ryan wanted some horror this week, so Adam and Kevin gave Ryan 2017's Revenge, but was the level of violence in lieu of scares good enough for him?

SB90 Fred

Saved by the ’90s: As The World Crumbles

While the '90s saw a huge number of comedies released, many considered classics, May of 1991 saw four released in a single month. Join us as we discuss these titles and ponder the decisions behind them.