Fantasia 2022: 10 Anticipated Titles

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite film festivals, so much so that it’s brought me out of a writing hiatus to bring you five titles I’m most excited for. Narrowing this down to just ten has been tough, and honestly I’ll be rabidly devouring every title I can, but here are the ones that I’m particularly excited for in no particular order.

Fantasia 2022 will be running from July 14 – August 3. Ticketing and more information can be found at

Shin Ultraman

dir. Shinji Higuchi

I freaking loved Shinji Higuchi’s Shin Godzilla, and it remains my favorite of the series, so I’m beyond stoked to see how this director takes on the Ultraman series.

What To Do With The Dead Kaiju?

dir. Satoshi Miki

Perhaps one of the most clever films of the year, this action-comedy aims to once and for all reveal the age-old question of what the hell happens to all those dead kaiju after they get defeated.

Convenience Story

dir. Satoshi Miki

That’s right, another Miki-directed comedy, this one featuring a strange convenience store that has the ability to grant all your desires.

Freaks Out

dir. Gabriele Mainetti

A freakshow troupe with super powers head out to kill a bunch of Nazis? Say no more.

The Killer

dir. Jae-hun CHOI

Despite its generic title, this South Korean actioner looks to be packed with tons of excitement and promises some big, expertly choreographed set pieces, scratching that stylish action itch.

Incredible But True

dir. Quentin Dupieux

I don’t really have to know anything about whatever the latest Quentin Dupieux is about, I’ll blindly go into anything he makes with plenty of excitement. Evidently his latest is best gone into completely cold, so I plan to do just that.

Speak No Evil

dir. Christian Tafdrup

A midnight hit at this year’s Sundance, the Danish horror film Speak No Evil looks to be a nerve-shattering good time.

Dark Glasses

dir. Dario Argento

It’s been ten years since giallo master Dario Argento directed a feature, and now he’s back with this thriller involving a blind woman attempting to escape the clutches of a ruthless serial killer.

The Roundup

dir. Lee Sang-yong

Here’s another awesome looking South Korean action flick, this one starring Train to Busan‘s Ma Dong-seok. I’ll gladly watch any movie that involves him just kicking all kinds of ass.

We Might As Well Be Dead

dir. Natalia Sinelnikova

I always gravitate to movies taking place in high-rise apartments and this German/Romanian production looks weird and incredibly intriguing.

Bonus: The King of Pigs

I love South Korean crime thrillers and this new series premiering at Fantasia looks like it’s going to be right up my alley. Hopefully Netflix keeps their South Korean TV spree up and releases this one after screening at the fest.

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