Grimmfest 2021: 5 Anticipated Films

Machester’s Grimmfest is gearing up to make its triumphant return to cinemas this year and before the madness kicks off October 7th, I thought I would highlight a selection of titles screening this year that I’m particularly excited to check out.

Grimmfest will be running through October 10th followed by an online festival running from October 14 -17. Ticketing and more info can be found here.


I don’t know anything about Jim Cummings‘ latest, but his name alone has this solidly at the top of my list. I freakin’ loved Thunder Road and last year’s The Wolf of Snow Hollow, so I’m super stoked to see him back so soon with another feature.


This experimental rumination on internet culture has played several festivals over the last year and I’ve been trying to catch up with it since first hearing about it. A teen’s life begins to spiral after she takes part in a dark internet challenge. I always have a soft spot for technology-related thrillers so this one definitely has me intrigued.


This lo-fi thriller looks reminiscent of Resolution and I’m all about it. It involves a man who travels to his vacation home in the woods after the death of his girlfriend in order to quietly grieve his loss. After watching a series of home videos the couple took at the cabin he begins to realize they were being watched by a mysterious figure.


This South Korean thriller involves a young deaf woman who is being hunted by a ruthless serial killer. It’s not an entirely new concept, but this looks more action-heavy than Mike Flanigan’s Hush, which had a similar narrative.


This horror-thriller from Taiwan takes place after the events of a pandemic when the virus mutates turning its victims into violent killers. Promising tons of visceral action and plenty of blood and gore, this looks like an incredibly exciting and fun ride from director Rob Jabbaz.

What movies are you most excited for at this year’s Grimmfest? Let me know in the comments below.

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