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IFC has released the new trailer for its upcoming comedy Premature, which centers on a teen (John Karna) whose crappy day is stuck on repeat and resets itself every time he climaxes.  Basically, it plays out like a more raunchy version of Groundhog Day, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  We got a chance to check this one out when it premiered at SXSW and while we didn’t find it to be a laugh riot, we still had fun with it.  Click here to read our full review.

The film also stars Craig Roberts, Katie Findlay, Alan Tudyk, Adam Riegler, Carlson Young, and Elon Gold, and is written and directed by Dan Beers.

Premature opens in select cities on July 2nd and VOD July 1st.


You’re in highschool. Facing the biggest day of your life. You need to nail a college interview ensuring your admittance to your parents’ beloved alma mater. To keep cool when your life-long crush finally seems to show interest. And then you wake up one morning and realize someone’s playing a sick joke, because you’re reliving the day’s events over and over…and over again. Are you A.) stuck in a dream? B.) Experiencing déjà vu? C.) Having a psychotic break? Whether it’s finding a way to get into college, into your life-long crush’s pants, or having an even bigger epiphany, you must figure out how to break the cycle before losing your mind. This is the set-up for PREMATURE, the hilarious-yet-heartfelt comedy from first time feature director (and co-writer) Dan Beers that won over audiences at this year’s SXSW. An ingenious collision between GROUNDHOG DAY and AMERICAN PIE, IFC Midnight will release PREMATURE In Theatres and On Demand on Wednesday, July 2.

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