‘Hail’ Teaser

Below the jump you’ll find the newly released teaser for the Australian docu-drama Hail.  Directed by Amiel Courtin-Wilson, the film is making it’s rounds on the festival circuit now, and doesn’t currently have a release date.  Here’s the synopsis provided by The Hollywood Reporter:

Daniel P. Jones is an artistically inclined ex-convict playing a lightly fictionalized version of himself in Aussie auteur Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s out-there docu-drama. Dissonant and brutal, but also unexpectedly tender, Hail melds coarse reality, extreme close-ups, nightmarish montages – including one featuring a dead horse falling from the sky – and a soundtrack that’s alternately jarring and lovely.

HAIL TEASER from HAIL on Vimeo.

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