Interview: Director William Dickerson Talks DON’T LOOK BACK

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We had the opportunity to have director William Dickerson back on the podcast to speak about his latest film, Don’t Look Back, which is currently available on VOD platforms and airing on the Lifetime network. In addition to speaking about the film itself, we spoke to William about the differences between being your own boss creating an indie, and working as a hired gun for a company, as well as making a movie with a TV friendly version in mind.

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If you’ve seen the film and are curious about some of the numerous clues given throughout the story, click here to check out an interesting article written by Dickerson that explores some of the puzzle pieces. To read our full review of the film click here.

Don’t Look Back stars Lucy Griffiths, Cassidy Freeman, Kate Burton, Tyler Jacob Moore and Roddy Piper is available now on VOD platforms.

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