Kevin McMullin’s LOW TIDE Gets a Trailer

A24 has released a new trailer for the upcoming coming of age thriller Low Tide, written and directed by Kevin McMullin. The film stars Keean Johnson, Jaeden Lieberher, Alex Neustaedter, Daniel Zolghadri, Kristine Froseth, and Shea Whigham, and concerns a group of kids who find a bag of gold after breaking into someone’s home.

Low Tide will be available on DirecTV September 5th and in theaters October 4th.

Low Tide is set In the long days of summer in a beach town on the New Jersey shore. High schooler Alan (Keean Johnson) and his friends Red (Alex Neustaedter) and Smitty (Daniel Zolghadri) break into vacation homes to steal valuables, funding dates at the boardwalk and lunches at the burger stand. When Alan and his younger brother Peter (Jaeden Martell) find a bag of gold coins, they try to hide them from the others — but Red, suspicious and violently unpredictable, seems willing to do anything to get the money.

low tide
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