Kickstart Sunday – ’12 O’Clock Boys’

Every week on Film Pulse, we highlight a Kickstarter project that we think you’ll really like, and deserves some support. Not only do we implore you to contribute to these projects, but we will contribute as well. Kick your Sunday off right by helping support independent film. If you help fund any of the projects we list, send us an e-mail at, and we’ll make sure to thank you on the podcast.

This week we’re highlighting 12 O’Clock Boys by Lotfy Nathan. This great looking documentary is having its world premiere at SXSW 2013 and needs your help with post production.  Click here to donate, stay tuned to the podcast on Monday for our exclusive interview with the director, and hit the jump for more details on the film.

In 2010 we raised a little over 12K on Kickstarter for what I thought would be the end of filming. Instead, the story grew, as did interest in the film. We stretched that money and it launched the film forward into a new place. It hasn’t been easy, but with that support, and a little more help along the way, we’ve managed to come this far on a really small budget. So it goes. I actually think that the scraping by we’ve had to do up until now has allowed the film to maintain its rawness that people love.

At this stage of the game though, we have unavoidable costs for finishing that have to be met. This is what we need your help with. We have to pay for Color Correction, online, printing to HDCAM, Sound design & mix, licensing, some music costs, and getting to the festival.

With such a perfect platform to premiere, we can’t fudge this part, we can’t show the movie in a theater without taking on these costs.