Kickstart Sunday – ‘A Fuller Life’

Kickstart Sunday - 'A Fuller Life' 1
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Every week on FIlm Pulse, we highlight a Kickstarter project that we think you’ll really like, and deserves some support.  Not only do we implore you to contribute to these projects, but we will contribute as well.  Kick your Sunday off right by helping support independent film. If you help fund any of the projects we list, send us an e-mail at, and we’ll make sure to thank you on the podcast.

This week we’d like to highlight A Fuller Life by Samantha Fuller. This film is an intimate look at the life of writer and filmmaker Sam Fuller, as read by some of Hollywood’s biggest mavericks. With 15 days left, this project is nearly there with $19,113 of a requested $25,000.  All the actors featured volunteered their time, and the money is needed for converting and preserving the old footage of Fuller’s war documentaries and feature films, as well as obtaining the rights to show clips from his films.

This project is a no-brainer for fans of classic cinema, so show your support and get your week started off right by clicking here and making a donation.

The idea for this project came up last summer around my father’s 99th birthday, and I couldn’t help but think of doing something special for the following year, his centennial. My father always promised me that we’d have an amazing celebration for his 100th birthday, and even though he’s been gone for close to 15 years now, I believe that we can still celebrate it by commemorating his exceptional story. For this occasion, I’ve invited some friends to read selected passages from my father’s autobiography, and I couldn’t dream of a better setting than his office, “the shack”, a place where I remember him spending countless hours pounding out yarn after yarn on his Royal typewriter. A true reporter at heart, always on the hunt for new exciting stories. Meanwhile, his own story is one of the most inspirational ones of all.