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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from writer-director Wendy McColm and her dark comedy Birds Without Feathers. The film revolves around six individuals whose lives intersect as they attempt to desperately find human connection.

The filmmakers are looking for post-production funding for the film and currently running a Kickstart campaign that, as of this writing, has 23 days remaining with a goal of $10,000. Take a look below for more information and be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page here and send a donation their way!

Deep down most people know how they are but they don’t accept themselves. We are glad to explore and break that idea. We wanted to shine a light on situations and characters that make poor decisions on the road to find what they really want- human connection.

 We set out to explore, and create something out of pure impulse, and child like tendencies- you know, the ones we tend to mask as we get older.  We combined a collection of really extraordinarily talented people, very venerable with an amazing cinematographer and director, forming …. Connection… Relationships… in a surreal plot where in these 6 characters pop in and out of each others lives giving them hopes of meeting Jeff Goldblum and becoming a stand up comedian, a door to door sales man, a public motivational speaker, and Janet Jackson- a surreal, dark comedy. 

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