Kickstart Sunday: BLACK COP

Kickstart Sunday: BLACK COP 1
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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from Cory Bowles and his film Black Cop. As the title suggests, the film centers around a black police officer who, after being persecuted by those around him decides to use his badge to exact his own brand of justice onto the world.

I’m really excited to check this one out and hope that the filmmakers are able to raise the $30,000 they need in order to finish post production. This IndieGoGo campaign only has 9 hours left as of this writing so be sure to hurry and send them a donation before time runs out! Take a look below for more info.

It’s not easy being a black cop. Your community doesn’t trust you, your colleagues are wary of you, and everyone assumes you hate NWA. And when the world is on edge waiting for a grand jury verdict on a high profile police case involving unarmed youth, you can bet all eyes are on you. For one black cop already struggling between duty and moral obligation, it only gets worse when he is profiled by his colleagues off-duty, nearly getting himself killed in the process – pushing him over the edge. Armed with the power of his badge, an antagonizing radio show for company, and some good old fashioned rage – the stage is set for a whirlwind day filled with vendetta and just desserts – as black cop targets the very community that justifies his colleagues –on a collision course with his own identity. Racial tension, law enforcement, and social media are the focus in this hyper active satire.

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