Kickstart Sunday: BRAD CUTS LOOSE

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Ok so I know I’m a day late on this one, but I didn’t want to cause confusion by temporarily calling this feature Kickstart Monday so I’m keeping it how it is. This week, we’re featuring Christopher Good‘s latest short film, Brad Cuts Loose. I was a big fan of Good’s last film, Mudjackin’, so I’m naturally interested in whatever he has in the pipeline and fortunately this one looks solid and has a great cast and crew involved.

This campaign has 18 days remaining as of this post and is looking to raise just $7500 so be sure to click here and send some support their way! Take a look below for more info.

“Brad Cuts Loose” is an absurdist tale of an uptight office drone (that’s Brad) attempting to…well, cut loose. Brad (Kentucker Audley) seemingly discovers the perfect vehicle for this when an advertisement for a business catering to his innermost desires (in an insanely specific way) pops up one morning on his computer. Brad’s subsequent visit to the business, however, and encounter with its receptionist Janine (Tipper Newton) don’t quite go as planned…

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