Kickstart Sunday: BUCKET

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes from The Lucas Brothers and their documentary Bucket, which looks at bucket drummers on the streets of Chicago.  The film looks to be a much a love letter to Chicago as an expose on these talented musicians, and this looks like a very interesting story to tell.

This Kickstarter campaign currently has 22 days remaining with a goal of $25,000.  Judging from the footage shown in the campaign video this is going to be a great looking documentary so be sure to click here and show your support today.

Bucket is a feature length documentary that captures the life of many, of the hundreds of bucket boys on Chicago’s south-side. Putting to use their percussive bucket drumming skills as they fight for survival in society. As we follow these young talented teens we learn, that they offer more than just their Entertaining drummer skills that they display to the public. We discover that growing up in poverty, these teens are faced with numerous obstacles in their community as well as in their homes.