Kickstart Sunday: HERE WE ARE

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American indies have been getting better and better and this week’s Kickstart Sunday pick, Here We Are, looks to continue this upward swing in the quality of independent cinema coming out of Austin. David Bellarosa writes and directs this film about an unambitious writer, struggling to find his way in Austin after his girlfriend leaves him.

This Kickstarter campaign has 25 days remaining with a goal of $26,000, so be sure to click here and show your support today and take a look below for more information.


Andy, an unambitious but talented young writer stuck in Austin, Texas, Slackerdom USA, is looking to get away, to strike out on his own and see what else his life and this great country has to offer him. Especially after his sign language interpreter girlfriend leaves him for a hotshot Deaf guy. “On to everything I’m ever gonna do and everyone I’m ever gonna meet.” Sounds romantic, but with a broken down RV and a debt to his landlord older brother Ben, the Gordon Gecko of Craigslist wheeling and dealing, hitting the road seems impossible. Until, that is, he hears of a way to make some long money fast at a pharmaceutical testing facility as a human lab rat. And so Andy takes the only opportunity he sees he has and checks in, submitting himself to a week and a half in a research facility, taking experimental meds and having his blood constantly taken from him. There, amongst even more lovable losers, he finds Misty, a vibrant and mysterious human being with whom he actually has a true connection. However, both he and Misty’s pasts and personal fears threaten to wreck a good thing before it even begins. If Andy can survive the testing and maintain a cool head despite his intense feelings for Misty, he may have just found the co-pilot on the road of life he’s been looking for all along.

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