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Having only recently discovered the brilliantly funny comic strips of Joan Cornellà, I was extremely delighted to see an upcoming animation project from her while perusing Kickstarter this week. The campaign is to raise money so that she can create 30 animated clips that will be released online for the masses to enjoy, and I implore those of you unfamiliar with her work to check it out and consider a donation.

This Kickstarter campaign currently has 20 days remaining with a goal of $87,243, so be sure to click here and check out the page today!

What’s this all about?

I would like to turn these comic strips into animated short videos. The idea is to make 30 clips with stories adapted from my last book ZONZO and more new stories that I will create for this special occasion. Since all of my work is on the Internet, my intention is to share all videos through this same media, this way you’ll see them on my Facebook page and my Youtube channel. Backers who helped me to make this possible will be able to watch the clips before they get published, and will also have other benefits.

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