Kickstart Sunday: MAN VS SNAKE

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As a video game fan, I’m always delighted to see a new video game documentary come around, and this week’s Kickstart Sunday pick looks like a great one. Man vs Snake by Andrew Seklir and Tim Kinzy tells the story of three men attempting to set the world record for the arcade game Nibbler, and shows us just what it takes to be a video game champion.

With 27 days to go, this project is currently at $8,171 with a goal of $53,470 so click here to show your support by making a donation.  Hit the jump for more info on the film.


Set against the backdrop of competitive classic video gaming, MAN VS SNAKE is a funny and compelling tale that tells the story of Nibbler, the first billion-point video game and Timothy McVey, the first person in history to reach this remarkable milestone.