Kickstart Sunday: THE MISANDRISTS

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Although I’m not the biggest fan of his films, I have a pointed respect for Bruce LaBruce and his avant-garde, boundary-pushing body of work. His next film project, The Misandrists, revolves around a secret cell of feminists who hatch a plan to liberate women everywhere and usher in a new world order.

This Kickstarter campaign currently has 26 days remaining with a goal of $25,929 so be sure to click here and send a donation today! Take a look below for more information.


We’ve come to Kickstarter to reach as many people as possible. We are currently filming The Misandrists in an unidentified area of Berlin’s cuntryside, and with your help, we will be able to complete post-production in the summer, and to finalize our movie by the end of the year.

We demand your support, so no compromises will be made to our artistic, radical and political vision! Join us and together let’s bring The Misandrists to the world ! Down with the patriarchy !

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