Kickstart Sunday: ROSIE, OH

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from Apple Xenos and Andy Koeger with the short film Rosie, Oh. This great looking short film revolves around a young girl looking for her missing dog who wanders into her eclectic neighbor’s house.

Judging from the very short bit we see in the Kickstarter video, this short is right up my alley in the way of visuals and quirk, so be sure to check out the campaign page here and send a donation their way! This project currently has a week remaining with a goal of $4000.


Rosie, Oh is set to take place in the late fall of 2001 in a rugged lower income neighborhood. The story is told as an experience, so to properly depict its essence, key aspects of the story must be brought to life. Those key aspects are the interior set design to dress the space, meticulously planned costume design, miscellaneous props, and most importantly, a house that will facilitate not only the story, but the logistics needed to successfully shoot the film in one shot.

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