Kickstart Sunday: THE SUNSET CHANNEL

Kickstart Sunday: THE SUNSET CHANNEL 1
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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Matthew Kinahan and his short film The Sunset Channel. The film revolves around a grief-stricken man stuck in his home watching a TV channel featuring nothing but live sunsets from around the world, only to witness what he believes may be someone drowning. I really dug the cable access style campaign video for this one and definitely want to see more.

This IndieGoGo campaign currently has 13 days remaining as of this writing, with a goal of just $4,000CAD so be sure to click over to the project page here and help push them over the top today!

A short film in which a grieving man sees someone drowning on the Sunset Channel, and must take matters into his own hands when nobody believes him.

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