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A couple of years ago a little indie zombie movie called The Battery came out, which I completely adored, so naturally now that director Jeremy Gardner‘s next project, Tex Montana Will Survive!, is on Kickstarter I have to highlight it. The film is a found footage style comedy about a famous TV survivalist who gets outed as a fraud and decides to prove himself to his fans and spend thirty days completely alone in the wilderness without a camera crew.

The interesting thing about this Kickstarter is that the film is actually complete and ready to be seen, but the folks at O. Hannah Films are looking to distribute this movie themselves for free under the Creative Commons License. That means anyone will be able to watch and share the film legally with everyone. In order to achieve this goal, the filmmakers need to raise $50,000, which is where we all come in. Click here to head over to the film’s Kickstarter page and send a donation their way and take a look below for some more info about the project.

When his reputation as the most famous and trusted TV survival host in the world is tarnished following allegations that his show is staged, Tex Montana attempts to clear his name by documenting himself surviving in the remote wilderness for thirty days, completely alone.

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