Kickstart Sunday: ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End’

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Every week on Film Pulse, we highlight a crowd-funded project that we think you’ll really like, and deserves some support. Not only do we implore you to contribute to these projects, but we will contribute as well. Kick your Sunday off right by helping support independent film. If you help fund any of the projects we list, send us an e-mail at, and we’ll make sure to thank you on the podcast.

This week we’d like to highlight Craig David Wallace‘s Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End. This full length animated feature will bring a close to the adventures of Todd and his friends featured on the popular television show, which can currently be watched on Netflix Instant.  Be sure to tune in to Monday’s podcast when we’ll be speaking with series creator Craig David Wallace, click here to donate to the IndieGoGo campaign, and hit the jump for more information.

Here’s our story so far. We made two amazingly fun, critically-acclaimed, award-winning seasons of the television series “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil”, seen internationally by hundreds of thousands of people. We thought it was an awesome show, and so did legions of our fans around the world. But unfortunately last year we got cancelled…and right after airing one of the coolest (and saddest) cliffhangers in television horror-comedy history.


We want to bring you more “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil”, but we’re going to have to do it together. You, us, the Internet…LET’S DO THIS!! This campaign is open to everyone around the world. No borders can stop “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil”!(excluding North Korea and Quebec…just kidding Quebec, take a joke for once!!)


Believe it or not, “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil” wasn’t a cheap show to make. It cost a lot of money to make it look that cheap! Without the same financing we had before, we don’t feel we can bring you the same quality that our previous seasons had. This is why we need to shake things up…Book of Pure Evil style.


We have decided the best way to bring you the final part of the story of “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil” is by making an INDEPENDENT ANIMATED FEATURE-LENGTH MOVIE!! It’s going to be called “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End” and we need your help to make it happen.